Saturday, September 17, 2022

Marukoshi UX Super X very "old time" bolt action airsoft

 Over the past few years, I have been "acquiring" some of the early airsoft replicas.

A few years back a writer friend of mine from the old days of Airsoft passed away.

Jess Galan was the "Dean" of airguns, His annual review in "Guns Digest" was always spot on, and his "Guns" magazine monthly column was a must read if you were into .177 or .22 pneumatic shooters. 

I dealt with him a lot during my tenure at The Command Post, and sold him a ton of Airsoft guns,

He was a huge help in getting the word out about airsoft in the early days.

A dealer in South Fl was helping Jess's widow dispose of his collection on Ebay, and I stayed dead broke for a few years bidding and buying a huge portion of it off of that site.

Here is one of them, I hope to do a review soon but for now, enjoy the pictures of this "classic"

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