Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Know your too old for airsoft when......

I saw a post about this on the Team AARP forum,
I then remembered we had one a year or so ago on the NCAO Forum
So, being totally unimaginative, I thought I should do one myself.
I will start it and add as time goes on, 
But feel free to add all you like in the comments section.
I am sure you guys will come up with better ones than I can.

Let's start,
You Know Your Too Old For Airsoft,

1. YKYTOFA when you local field requires full face mask for teens,,,and a oxygen mask for you.

2. YKYTOFA when your at the drug store looking for Depends in Muilti Cam for your next game.

3. YKYTOFA when you have given up on explaining that it's 
"Mil-sim"or "Tactical training"                       
  and just tell you wife when your leaving the house, 
" I am going to play war with the other kids"

4.YKYTOFA when you step out from behind cover to take a hit just so you can head to respawn and get a chance to sit down.

5. YKYTOFA when you take the sniper role, so you can nap a few times in the afternoon.

6. YKYTOFA when your guns have had more birthdays then your teammates.

7. YKYTOFA when you have custom mollie pouches built to hold your toilet paper and prep H.

8. YKYTOFA when the local field has a special waiver for you, that requires you to have your own EMT unit on standby.

9. YKYTOFA when you watch those hoverround commercials and wonder how would that look in Woodland camo

10. YKYTOFA when your teammates bring energy drinks and powerbars, 
while you carry Ensure and Fiber 1

11. YKYTOFA when you build a custom handle on your stock so your rifle can double as a cane.
(Kudo's to Grant)

12. YKYTOFA When you're wearing both woodland and multicam because 
your eyes can't tell the difference.

13. YKYTOFA When you wish Shot Show would go back to Florida. 

14. YKYTOFA When your mates suggest you add ris rails to your walking frame and or walking stick!
( Thanks to stewpidbear)

14. YKYTOFA when you get asked about your classic and its actually your oxygen bottle. .

15. YKYTOFA When you drop a mag on the ground and you pay another player to pick it up for you.
( love it chrishg)
16. YKYTOFA When the game starts you barely get to the start up point before the game ENDS.

 17. YKYTOFA when you ask the check in guy if they have a AARP discount.

18.YKYTOFA when you have to leave a game by 3 pm so you can make the dinner specials

19. YKYTOFA when someone tells you to change your nickname to "Grampa"!
(From ZEN, NCAO forums)

20. YKYTOFA when you don't worry about mouth protection - you just pop those dentures out before taking the field.
 (Mushee, via NCAO)

21. YKYTOFA when you can identify Rhodesian camo at a glance, because you saw it in Rhodesia 
( the county fell in 1980)

 You Know your too old for airsoft
When you look like this!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

SHOT Show is coming soon, this year will be BIG

For those of you who don't know what SHOT show is
I have to ask, do you live under a rock?
It's only the hugest, more big than BIG, 
collection of guns and tactical crap under one roof than you can ever imagine.
(with some hunting stuff thrown in)
Again this year, the great people at FoxFury Lighting Solutions  
have caved in and will allow me to work in the booth.
( I am the LE/Mil Sales manager for FoxFury)
This will be my 26th SHOT Show and it means a trip back to Las Vegas for a third year in a row.
I know it is a hardship, you see what I have to go through just to get copy for this blog!

My interview from last year, done by the great Thumpy
(Deleted from youtube)

Now, this is not the big news, the big news is that due to the largesse of FoxFury,
The actors and crew from Beat Down Boogie will be accompanying me to the show!

Now I am sure most of you know who I am talking about,
but if your that guy I mentioned before that lives under a rock, here's some of their work

(deleted from youtube)

I will be using the guys as my production crew for media day, 
that is the day before SHOT where media people get to go out to the range and shoot all the new guns, 
so I guess you can expect some videos of some cool stuff

Expect some incredible videos to come from our days in the LV sun,
it's also Ghosts and Snakes 1st ever trip to Vegas, so LV needs to watch out too.

A huge thanks goes out to FoxFury lighting for sponsoring the BDB journey.
The guys will be in and out of the booth on Tuesday and Wednesday so stop in and meet them.
We have a few other Big things planned for SHOT, 
so stay tuned to this blog and my company blog at 
and follow us on that facebook thing

Shot show runs from January 16th thru the 20th 2012 in Las Vegas Nevada.
It is a industry only show with over 50,000 attendees from all over the world and over 1600 vendors.
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