Sunday, January 29, 2012

Airsoft Media Party, SHOT Show 2012

If 2012 is really the last year the world is going to be around,
we can say this was the best party the airsoft media ever had at SHOT Show!

Most of us started the day early, climbing onto some comfortable buses to trek an hour or so outside
Las Vegas to the SHOT Show media day.
A mile or so of shooting lines were set up with a cornucopia of firearms.
You could find everything from the newest Barrett to the most recent offering from Umarex in .22 cal
(And you got to shoot them, for free!)
I am sure you have seen the multitudes of pictures posted all over the web, I won't bore you with mine.
Let's say it was a fun day.
I left early to get back and set up for the media party.
We had it set up right off the dance floor inside the Gilley's country bar in the Treasure Island resort.
The staff was wonderful and put up with the 30 or so people that came by for dinner.
I heard the food was great, I was so busy making sure everyone had what they needed, I did not even eat, but as you can see by the pictures of me, I didn't need too!
Snake and Ghost from Beat Down Boogie stopped by to tame the bull.
I slipped the controller and extra 10.00 to make sure they had a ride they would remember,
your welcome guys.
After a few hours of great eats, some booze ( for those who do that kind of thing) and screaming at the top of our lungs to be heard over the country music, most of the group retired to my suite for a quieter chat.
Here are some snaps of the fun.
( Click on pic to enlarge)

X-Caliber Tactical ( 
FoxFury Lighting Solutions (
For helping me cover the cost of this venture.

Dr Airsoft is the evil genius behind this mess,
 his tireless emails and coordination made this a event to remember.
Stop back by and I will have up the rest of the sponsors and some picture captions soon, I am still getting over the SHOT Show crud, besides, Justified is coming on the TV and I need to go.

Till Tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty my Friends.
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Monday, January 16, 2012

What, your room at did not have these?

I guess you didn't stay at the Treasure island!
For SHOT Show,
I think all the suites have this setup.

Shooting Machine Guns at SHOT

Look at the trouble we got into in LV
The guys from Beat Down Boogie had big grins shooting the belt feds.
You might see the big Austrian in a pic or two
(Scaar from AATV)
Sam from Xcaliber tactical set it up for us to shoot
Special thanks to the men and lovely ladies from Machine Guns Vegas

Friday, January 13, 2012

Watch out Las Vegas, your about to get BEAT DOWN

Well, it is 2012
Friday the 13th at that!
NAFOM and the crew from Beat Down Boogie are finishing up their packing.
We are headed out  to do some early recon before SHOT Show starts.
Snake and Ghost from MWGS, Dash and Percy from Myth Hunters, Matt and Micha and Brian and myself will be winging our way across the country this evening.
( if we all make it though security that is)
Watch here and here for some great pic's and videos as we tour first the Army Navy Military Expo, 
and then the ginormous industry only SHOT Show
A lot of media will be at SHOT, and you will have a lot of choices as to what to look at, hopefully, due to the BDB crew we will be one of them.

If your lucky enough (or cursed, depends on how you look at it) to be in Las Vegas this weekend or coming week, look me up. Write a comment or come by booth 26206 (FoxFury lighting)
I promise not to chase you off my lawn with a M1 Grand.

You should be able to find me, few people at shot dress like this

Now you see why I am fretting security

 You can find many types of guns at SHOT, I hope to find a BULL PUNCHER

Friday the 13th, Great day to fly!

All of us, on this plane? Boy, the airlines are really cutting back!

See you tomorrow
And remember
Stay Thirsty My Friends.
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Vote early and Vote often

2 APCA Finals
The nominations have been counted and the nominees have been narrowed down to five (5) finalists per category for the 2nd Airsoft Players' Choice Awards. We are excited to find out who shall be the winners as selected by you by the end of January 2012. Thus, it's time for the finalists and their supporters to rally once again to gather as many votes as they can to be finally chosen as winners.

 Wow, it's a pleasure just to be in the top 5, and to be the only English language blog that is totally self funded with no sponsors. That right, all out out my pocket. ( wait a minute, everyone else get's paid, Damn, did I miss a memo or something, what a chump)

Vote now for me, Just so I can at least have a vote or two. In reality, the other blogs are better than mine, but come on, they all eat broccoli and vote for "no child left behind" .  Remember I am old, they are young and will have many other chances to win. Also remember, it is 2012 now, if you don't vote for me the world might end.
If I win I will have a huge party and drink a beer for every vote, if I lose I will have a huge party and drink a beer for every vote I didn't get (win,win for me).
A vote for my competitors is a vote for the apocalypse, a vote for NAFOM is a vote for a bright and shiny future with flying cars and unicorns and sno-cones for everyone.

 "Tim really thinks he has a chance, HAAAAAAAAAA"

"Vote now, and stay the hell off my lawn!"

  "Freedom, Mom, apple pie and NAFOM, that's why I carry two uzi pistols"

"I voted for NAFOM because he rocks a monocle better than even me"

The last guy who didn't vote for Tim

"I voted for NAFOM because he has cupcakes, strange one's, but hey, they are still cupcakes"

Until Tomorrow
Stay Thirsty My Friends