Sunday, December 4, 2022

 KOKUSAI model M 700 spring piston bolt action (a cautionary tale)

 So I found this on Ebay, from a seller I have bought way too much stuff from.

I was happy to win the bid, and eagerly waited the brown truck honking his horn in my driveway.

As always with this seller, it was very well packed in a sturdy box.

Now come's the bad news.

Due to it's age, and the fact that 98% of the unit is plastic, portions of this beauty did not survive transit.

The barrel broke off at the chamber, just past the forend and one half of the "magazine", was just dust in the bottom of the box.

I dont believe when these were produced in the 80's, much thought was given to longevity, or that in the far future of 2022, someone would be still shipping them cross country!

If you are a aficionado of ancient airsoft, do take this into account if you feel the need to buy one online. 

This all being said, I am still thrilled to have this in my small collection

(about 600 or so)

I will do a review on it with some pic's of how it stands now, soon.

I have debated into turning it into a copy of the

 "Silent Sniper System"

 if I can not find another magazine for it

(even though it is not a Winchester model 70)

Rare and odd Vietnam sniper rifle : guns

This is the listing as posted on Ebay.
"This auction is for a Beautiful and extremely rare in this Country  KOKUSAI model M 700 spring piston bolt action with a tubular magazine air soft replica made in Japan.The rifle is made of mostly ABS plastic except for the internal parts which are metal.The stock is made of a beautiful wood imitation plastic and it has a few nicks on it.The gun is complete and working fine but one flaw is the magazine holder .Apparently the previous owner dropped the magazine cover or holder and one of the small plastic legs broke off.They repaired this with some kind of glue but did not do a good job.
The rifle is absolutely gorgeous and very heavy and well made.I don’t have any literature on this particular gun and there is limited information on the internet.This is a very rare and highly collectible piece but I have to sell it AS IS."

 Great article on the Remington 700 series airsoft guns made in the past
 Translated version

See ya soon, 

Till Then,

Stay Thirsty, My Friends