Thursday, September 12, 2019

It is like that


Like a long dormant horror lying unseen under the permafrost,
 I have been lurking.
Waiting, Planing, Eating Bacon Cheetos, until the time was right.
to Rise up, and


And have returned to haunt the airsoft world. 

What could possibly drag me from my self induced exile to bring me back to this endeavor started in 1986?

Why, oh why, you ask, 
what did we ever do to resurrect this Demon 
 we though was long dead,
 a tiny footnote in airsoft history?  

Well, I will tell you.
Some gentlemen in southern North Carolina that, 
although well meaning, 
were clueless to the devastation it would bring upon the world,
uttered the words that brought upon my rebirth.

Those words were,
While there have been other games across the US, 
this is the 1st one close enough I think I can get to.

My "medical difficulties" means a long drive by myself is out.
So that would mean having someone to go with.

Riding in a vehicle for any length of time with me is listed by the United Nations as,
"Abject and Cruel Torture"
So I have to find a kind and unwitting soul to take me, 
and pray that there will be enough of their mind left 
to get me home at the end of the day.  

This is but a preview, I hope to add more posts and
that this wonderful idea grows some legs and becomes a

Check out the Facebook page here for more information,

I will keep you posted 
See Y'all soon

Stay thirsty my Friends.