Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Parking this here


Until I can grasp the

level of artistry this person does with airsoft

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Guys, I am still alive


Yep, still kicking, 

well as of Aug 30th 2023

If you need me, I am on X

as Iamnobody1961

Hit me up


Welp, as of October 30 2023,

I am not on X anymore,

 as I committed the egregious sin of calling a person running for Congress a 

lying dog faced pony solider.


So I am 2 for 2 on social media,

Perma banned from facebook, for posting a pic of a airsoft S&W 639, with the orange tip defacement, and Zuck decided that the model number was a price that I was trying to sell the gun for, and kicked me off forever.


It is difficult for me, not that SM is a joy,

but it did give me a version of voice, and due to my issue with a paralyzed vocal cord the last 10 years,

It is the only voice I had some days.

Most all airsoft discussion had moved to facebook, so being locked out of that, has kinnda hurt.

But, on the upside, I have stood up from my keyboard more, walked outside and have seen the sun most days!

Just lucked into some of my "unicorn guns", 

so maybe now, I will start posting again

(If I was you,I would not believe I will do it either, as I have had more false starts and mis attempts than the CIA did trying to knock off Castro)

But, hope springs eternal!

Stay Thirsty my Friends


Thursday, January 5, 2023

The day I will renouce firearms, Forever

I know the day is coming, and I dread it. 

My mailbox will have my latest copy of Firearm news in it,

Goodbye Shotgun News, hello Firearms News ::

 on the cover will be a tated out model "tough guy", 

Hitman, the Tough Guy Male Character Latex Face Mask - Zagone Studios, LLC

dressed in whatever the latest rage in tactical wear is now.

 In his hands, will be the worse abomination seen by man. 

 It will be a 416 Rigby double rifle, 

 The Rising Bite Double Rifle - John Rigby & Co.

But, with a AR buffer tube fitted, 

and a Tactical DuoStock M-4 buttstock, 

a full length Rail will replace the rear tri-sight and ivory bead, 

and a combo red dot/night scope/thermal will be perched on it  

SKS 3-9x42 illuminated Scope w/Red Dot Sight ,Mount, LED Flash Light ...

the forend will be metal, 

with those picture hanging holes in it, 

and all metal will be hydro dipped,,,,,..

In the black and white "Skull" pattern. 

Seamless Skull Wallpaper Background Stock Illustration - Download Image ...

The English bridle sling, will be replaced with a white paracord one,

 and instead of a fitted leather case, 

it will come in a Koplin Plastic box,

NEW Max-Guard Cyclone Hard Plastic Double Rifle Case - Firearm Storage ...

 and the reviewer in the article, 

will lament the fact, 

that it lacks threaded barrels!

That will be the day, I burn all my belongings,

 and enter a monastery on some high peak in the Alps,

 shunning the materiel, decayed world,