Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The ultimate collection of classic model guns,airsoft and blowbacks for sale

The ultimate collection of classic model guns,
 airsoft and blowbacks for sale.

Tom Nelson was "The Man" in the early days of 
airsoft/model guns in the US, his company, 
Collectors Armory, predated mine (Command post) in bringing in model guns from Japan.

We bought many a pallet of PFC blowback guns from Tom 
to resell thru the Command Post catalog.

Looks like his collection is up for sale.

with a PDF file of over 200 guns


I hope to contact Sarco and have more info soon.

Would make a great Christmas present for an old man, just sayen!
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Gunfighting, TimDum Style

Sorry for the lack of content here
I have been working a little harder than usual this year 
at getting ready for our election here in the US.
With December 21st right around the corner, 
I have been overseeing the contractors here at Skull Island
in rebuilding the battlements and a much needed refurb on the dungeon.

The training of my cloned Velociraptor guard force
has been slower than predicted due to the fact
that it is getting harder to replace the eaten trainers.
( once word gets out in that community I have found your screwed)

I have added some posts on the patented TimDum Gunfighting style to one of my other blogs.

Give it a look, I am working on getting some reviews for next week so do check back.

Till Tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my Friends.