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UX super 9

 Old ad for the Super 9

Some Airsoft History

 I just found this on the interwebs, and stole it because so much of the airsoft history is disappearing from the web.


I figured I needed to park this here, and research it later

If anyone has any other information, or if you see a mistake, please let me know 

Prior to 1980,


Masudaya Bolt 888 [Arisaka Type 38]
Nakaya BS Winchester
Nakaya BS81
Nakaya BS52
Nakaya BS65
Nakaya BS Breaker
Nakaya BS Semiauto W
Masudaya BS Buffalo 08
Unknown Falcon 077
Matsushiro/Takatoku-Toys SS9000 [TM9000] (Cartridge, air)
Matsushiro/Takatoku-Toys SS5000 [TM5000] (Cartridge, air)
Matsushiro/Takatoku-Toys SSW7000 [TM7000] (Cartridge, air)
Maruzen Marksman Government (air, singleshot)


Eedai Sturm Ruger Mark 1 (cartridge, air)
Eedai .44 Automag 180 (cartridge, air)
Unknown Luger MS-1
Unknown Walther MS-2
Unknown Magnum MS-1
Yonezawa Mauser Mark II Custom (cartrige, air)
Masudaya SWAT M1 (air)
Masudaya Bolt 888 [Arisaka Type 38] Mark II (air, singleshot)
Masudaya Thunderbolt (air, singleshot)
Matsushiro/Takatoku-Toys SS Super X (cartridge, air)
Matsushiro/Takatoku-Toys SS Automag (cartridge, air)
Masudaya Detachable series (air)
Chiyoda Marksman Government (air, singleshot)


Masudaya Assembly series (air)
Yonesawa Python 357 (air)


Masudaya Aachin Extra (air)
Matsushiro Super Colt Government (cartridge, air)
Matsushiro Super Mauser Auto Custom (cartridge, air)
Matsushiro Blackhawk Custom (air)
Maruzen Remington M870 Wingmaster (cartridge, air)
Maruzen Remington Light Shotgun (cartrige, air)
Chiyoda S&W M59 (singleshot)
Falcon Toy S&W Revolver series (cartridge, air)
Falcon Toy Woodsman Match Target (cartridge, air)


Maruzen KG9 (cartridge, air)
Kokusai Superweapon M16A1
Maruzen Mini UZI (cartridge, air)
Falcon Toy H&K MP5K (cartridge, air)
Masudaya Minuteman-10 (cartridge, air)


Maruzen S&W M59 (catridge, pushcocking)
Crown Revolver Series Python (air)
Crown Revolver series S&W M29 (air)
Kokusai Superweapon XM177E2
Maruzen Luger P08 (cartridge, pushcocking)
Kokusai Superweapon Remington M700BDL
Falcon Toy H&K MP5SD3 (cartridge, air)
Maruzen Government (cartridge, pushbutton)
Marui Blackhawk (air cartridge)
Marui M29 (air cartridge)
Marui Python (air cartridge)


Chiyoda Marksman Government (air)
Marushin M1 Carbine series (air)
Marushin Walther P38 series (air)
Asahi/JAC Battlemaster (gas full auto)
Maruzen H&K P7M13 (cartridge, pushcocking)
MGC Beretta M93R (gas)
WA AR7 series (gas)
Chiyoda Wildey (cartridge, air)
Kokusai Government (air)
Maruzen SIG 226 (cartridge, pushcocking)
Asahi/JAC Sterling L2A3 (gas full auto)
Yonezawa Remington shotgun (air)
Yonezawa Government (pushcocking air)
Yonezawa Walther P38 (air)
Hudson M3A1 Grease Gun (air)
Masudaya ZAP20 (cartridge, air)
Masudaya Recoiler (air)
LS M16 series (air)
Kokusai M16A1 (gas)


Yonezawa KG9 (air)
Chiyoda Marksman Government Terminator (air)
Marui Luger P08 (air)
Marui Walther MPK (air)
Marui Walther MPL (air)
LS Government series (pushcocking)
LS Thompson (air)
MGC S&W M76 Interceptor (gas full auto)
Marushin MP40 (air)
Kokusai Llama Omni (air)
Marui H&K MP5A3 (air)
Marui H&K MP5A2 (air)
Maruzen Ingram M10A1S (cartridge, air)
Maruzen Ruger Mini-14 (air)
LS Thompson Drum Magazine (air)
Falcon Toy H&K P9S series (air)
Maruzen Walther P38 (catridge, pushcocking)
Maruzen Beretta M92SB-F (catridge, pushcocking)
Asahi/JAC Mini Sterling (gas full auto)
Marushin Beretta M92F (air)
MGC S&W M59 series (gas)
Asahi/JAC M3A1 grease gun (gas full auto)
Maruzen Beretta M92SB-F 2-way Custom (air)
Maruzen S&W 44 Magnum M29 (gas)
Marui Walther P38 (air)
LS M16A1 Pump-action (air)
WA Jatimatic (Electric gas full auto)
Marui 44 Automag (air)
Sanei Browning High Power (air)
Asahi/JAC M60 LMG (gas full auto)
LS Uzi (air)
MGC Wilson series (gas)
Falcon Toy H&K MP5K (gas full auto)
Sanei Beretta M92SB-F (air)
Pointo Uzi Pistol (cartridge, air)
Chiyoda Marksman Government Commando 20 (air)
Marukoshi UX series (cartridge, air)
Marukoshi UX Super Luger P08 (catridge, air)
Marukoshi UX Super Colt Governnment (catridge, air)
Marukoshi UX Super Mauser Auto Custom (catridge, air)
Marukoshi UX Super 44 Automag Caseless (air)


Marui S&W M59 (gas blowback)
Marui Browning Hi-power (gas blowback)
Aashi/JAC Uzi (gas fullauto)
Marukoshi Uzi Pistol (gas)
Marukoshi KG9 (gas)
Marukoshi Super 9 (air)
LS Beretta M92F series (air)
LS Improved Thompson Pump-action (air)
LS Mini-Thompson (air)
Hudson M3A1 Grease gun (gas)
Takana Mauser 98k series (air)
Maruzen KG9 (Gas)
Maruzen S&W M659 (gas)
Maruzen Uzi pistol (gas)
MGC Beretta M12S (gas full auto)
Marui H&K G3A3 (air)
Marukoshi Uzi pistol (gas)
MGC Calico M1000 (gas)
Marui Uzi (air)
Marukoshi Mini Uzi (gas)
Marushin Walther PPK/S (air)
Marushin Anschutz 1403 series (air)
Marushin Beretta M92F (gas)
Chiyoda Wildey Super Magnum 31 (air)
LS S&W M645 series (air)
Asahi/JAC Bushmaster (gas full auto)
Falcon Toy Ingram M11 (gas)
LS CZ75 series (air)
Tanaka Python series (gas)
MGC Browning series (gas)
Marui Vz61 Scorpion (air)
Maruzen 44 Automag (gas)
Maruzen Government (gas)
Asahi/JAC AR18 (gas full auto)
Maruzen Python (gas)
Kanamaru Charter Arms Revolver Series Bulldog (gas)
Marushin Beretta M84 (gas)
Pointo S&W M645 (gas)
LS AK74 series (air)
Marui H&K G3A4 (air)
Marushin S&W M29 (gas)
Marushin Mauser 98K series (air)
Marui M645 (air)
Kokusai SIG P220 (air)
Toytec Calico M100 (gas full auto)
Marui Nambu 14 (air)
Hudson Madmax series
Pointo Bullfight (air)
Yonezawa Beretta M92F (air)
Yonezawa Baby Browning (air)
Yonezawa Colt Pocket (air)


WA Combat Commander series (gas)
MGC Ruger 10/22 series (gas)
MGC CZ75 series (gas)
Asahi/JAC Ingram MAC 10 (gas full auto)
Marui Walther MPL (gas blowback)
Maruzen Ingram M10A1S (gas full auto)
Falcon Toy Bren Ten (gas blowback)
Marushin S&W M36 (gas)
Marushin M1 carbine (cartridge, gas blowback)
Marushin Uzi (cartridge, gas blowback)
Marushin MP40 (gas)
Asahi/JAC FNC (gas full auto)
LS AK74 series (gas full auto)
Chiyoda M559R Tiger 23 (air)
Tanaka Detective series (gas)
Kokusai S&W M19 Revolver series (gas)
LS Sten Mark 2 (gas full auto)
Maruzen Steyr AUG-SA (air)
Maruzen Steyr AUG (gas full auto)
Falcon Toy H&K MP5SD3 (gas full auto)
Marui H&K MP5A3 (gas blowback)
Replica Marushin Browning 1910 (gas)
Replica Marushin Colt 25 Auto (gas)
Marushin S&W M10 Military and police (gas)
Tanaka PM series (gas)
Pointo Government series (gas)
Marushin PM series (gas)
MGC M16 series (gas full auto)
Marui Hardballer (gas)
Kokusai M16 series (gas full auto)
Asahi/JAC FAL L1A1 (gas full auto)
Marukoshi SIG P210 (air)
Maruzen Walther PPK/S (gas)
Marui Desert Eagle 44 (gas)
Replica Marushin Mauser HSc (gas)
Kokusai Government (gas)
Marukoshi CZ75 (gas)
Marukoshi Walther P5 (gas)
Yonezawa Walther MPL (electric gas full auto)
MGC S&W M645 series (gas)
Toytec Calico Pistol (gas full auto)
Asahi/JAC M16 series (gas full auto)
Yonezawa S&W M61 Escort (gas)
Yonezawa AMT380 (gas)
Yonezawa Ingram M11 (gas)
Yonezawa H&K VP70 (air)
Yonezawa Automag (air)
Yonezawa Beretta M12S (air)
Yonezawa H&K MP5K (gas full auto)
Sanei Walther P38 (air)
Sanei Luger O08 (air)
Sanei Woodsman Sports (air)


Marui Desert Eagle 44 (air)
Marui Government (air)
Replica Marushin Walther PPK (gas)
Kanamaru Remington Derringer (gas)
Marukoshi CZ75 (air)
Replica Marushin Remington Derringer (gas)
LS SIG P220 (gas)
Marui M16A1 (air)
MMC M16A2 series (gas full auto)
Fujimi Mauser M712 (gas full auto)
Fujimi Government (air)
Pointo CZ75 series (gas)
Tanaka S&W M10 series (gas)
Falcon Toy Luger P08 (gas)
Marushin S&W M586 (gas)
MGC H&K MP5K (electric gas full auto)
Kokusai S&W M10 Revolver series (gas)
Maruzen Remington M870 Bulldog (gas)
Marushin Government mark IV (cartridge, gas blowback)
Sanei Beretta M93R series (gas)
Yonezawa COP Derringer (gas)
Replica Marushin Government (gas)
Marukoshi Beretta M93R series (air)
Marushin Beretta M92F (gas)
LS M16 series (gas full auto)
Marukoshi Government (air)
Sun Project Government (gas)
Maruzen S&W M4506 series (gas)
Yonezawa Government series (gas blowback)
Tanaka Government series (gas blowback)
LS S&W M29 (air)
LS Python (air)
LS SIG P220 (gas)
Yonezawa S&W M745 (air)
Yonezawa S&W M29 series (gas)


Falcon Toy Galil series (gas full auto)
WA Walther P38 series (gas)
Asahi/JAC Steyr AUG (gas full auto)
MMC L85A1 series (gas full auto)
Marui Centimeter Master (gas)
Gunze Commander (air)
Toytec M203 grenade launcher (gas full auto)
Marukoshi Super 9 Pro series (air)
Pointo Walther PPK (gas blowback)
Asahi Bushmaster Ultra Custom (gas full auto)
Marui XM177E2 (air)
MGC Beretta M92F series (gas)
LS Omega 10mm Auto (air)
Replica Marushin Walther P88 (gas)
Replica Marushin Remington Derringer (gas)
Sanei SIG P226 (has)
Tanaka Beretta M1934 (gas blowback)
LS L85A1 (air)
MMC L85A1 series (air)
LS SIG P220 (air)
Marui Omega 10mm Auto (air)
Marukoshi SIG P210 (gas)
Kokusai S&W M29 Revolver series (gas)
Marui Beretta M92F (air)
Marui Browning Hi Power Competition (air)
Fujimi M92F (air)
Aoshima Desert Eagle 357 series (air)
Asahi MG34 (gas full auto)
Pointo S&W M639 (air)
Pointo Commander (air)
KTW SPAS 12 series (air)
LS L85A1 (gas full auto)
Gunze S&W M5904 (air)
Asahi/JAC New Uzi (gas full auto)
Chiyoda Wildey (gas)
LS Colt Double Eagle (air)
LS Government (air)
Marui Wilson Super Grade (gas)
Toytec P90 (gas full auto)
Marui Colt Double Eagle (air)
Sun Project Muzzelite (gas full auto)
Digicon Beretta M92F series (gas)
Marushin Mauser 98k series (gas)






Marui FA-MAS 5.56-F1 (electric)
Asahi M249 Minimi (gas full auto)
LS S&W M19 (air)
WA S&W M6904 Series (gas)
Kokusai S&W M5904 Series (gas)
Sheriff SPAS 12 Series (gas)
Asahi/JAC MP40 (gas full auto)
LS S&W M4506 (air)
Maruzen Beretta M93R series (gas full auto)
Marushin CZ75 (cartridge, gas blowback)
Gunze LAR Grizzly Winchester Magnum (air)
Maruzen Remington M870 (gas)
Pointo Centimaster Master (gas blowback)
Sherrif Highlander Magnum (gas)
Asahi/JAC H&K MP5 series (gas full auto)
Tanaka Colt 380 Government series (gas blowback)
LS Beretta M93R (air)
Kokusai Python series (gas)
Tanaka Luger P08 series (gas blowback)
LS S&W M586 (air)
Marushin Anschutz 1403 series (gas)
MGC Glock series (gas blowback)
Marui Automag III (air)
LS Nastoff 45 Auto (air)
Asahi/JAC M16 Limited Series (gas full auto)
Pointo Luger P08 (Air)
Sun Project Remington XP-100 (air)
Sheriff M16A1 (gas full auto)
Gunze SIG P226 (air)
Marui Centimeter Master (air)


Tanaka S&W M4505 series (gas blowback)
Asahi/JAC Micro Uzi (gas full auto)
Marui Steyr M-GB (gas)
WA Full Auto 9 (electric blowback)
Falcon Toy Type 56 (gas full auto)
Marui M16A1 (electric)
Hobbyfix M16 series (gas full auto)
KSK L85A1 series (gas full auto
Asahi/JAC H&K MP5 Fine Version Series (gas full auto)
Pointo Winchester M92 series (gas)
Yonezawa S&W M4506 (air)
Marui Glock 17 (air)
Marui Glock 17L (air)
Marushin Beretta M9 (cartridge, gas blowback)
Aoshima Beretta M93R series (gas)
Marui H&K MP5A5 (electric)
Yoneda Condor 10 (air)
Falcon Toy AK47S (gas full auto)
Maruzen APS-1 series (air)
Kokusai Mini Uzi (gas full auto)
Pointo Beretta M92SB Compact (air)
Marushin Mossberg M500 series (gas)
JAC Browning Hi-Power (gas blowback)
Gunze Socimi SMG 821 (electric)
Chiyoda Wildey 15 (gas)
Maruzen Remington M870 series (cartridge, gas)


Toytec M134 Vulcan (electric)
Asahi M134 Vulcan (electric gas full auto)
Gunze S&W M586 (air)
Marui H&K MP5A4 (electric)
Yonezawa/KHC Browning Hi-Power DA (air)
MGC H&K P7M13 (gas blowback)
Falcon Toy Spectre (gas full auto)
Marui XM177E2 (electric)
Tanaka Winchester M1897 shotgun series (gas)
Tanaka Wz63 (gas blowback)
WA Beretta M92 series (gas)
Kokusai Gold Medalist series (air)
KHC Maverick M88 (air)
Sun Project Remington M700 series (air)
KHC Government series (air)
Marushin Mossberg M500 series (air)
Marui FA-MAS SV (electric)
Marui SIG P228 (air)
WA Beretta M29 series (gas blowback, magna)
Asahi WA2000 (gas)
Asahi/JAC AR15 series (gas blowback)
Asahi/JAC BAR M1918A2 (gas full auto)
Marui H&K MP5SD6 (electric)
MGC High Capacity series (gas blowback)
Yonezawa/KHC S&W M4504 (air)
Maruzen Ingram M11 (gas full auto)
LS Omega 10mm (gas)
LS Commander (gas)
KHC Beretta M12S (air)
KHC Remington M31 series (air)
Maruzen APS-2 series (air)
Crown Gas Revolver series Python (Gas)


KHC Glock 17 (Air)
Tanaka Beretta M935 (gas blowback)
Marui M16A1 VN (electric)
JAC Steyr AUG (electric)
Marui AK-47S (electric)
Marui AK-47 (electric)
Marui H&K MP5SD5 (electric)
Marushin Beretta M92F series (electric)
MGC Government (gas blowback)
Falcon Toy H&K MP5SD3 (electric)
Marui H&K P7M13 (air)
Endoo Remington M700 series (air)
Kokusai Glock 17 (air)
Kokusai M16 series (gas blowback)
SIIS Desert Eagle 44 series (air)
WA Government series (gas blowback, magna)
Crown Revolver Series S&W M29 (gas)
MGC Beretta M92F (gas blowback)
Marui H&K G3A3 (electric)
KHC Beretta M92F (air)
KHC SIG P228 (air)
Marui H&K G3A4 (electric)
Marui Sturm Ruger KP85 (air)
Marushin S&W M49 (gas)
Toytec P90 (electric)
Falcon Toy H&K MP5K (electric)
JAC Thompson (gas full auto)


Marui H&K MP5K A4 (electric)
Tanio Koba USP (gas blowback)
Marui M655 (electric)
MGC Beretta M93R series (gas blowback)
TOP M60 LMG series (electric)
Marui G3 SG/1 (electric)
Marushin Detonics .45 series (gas)
Marui Desert Eagle .50AE (gas blowback)
WA Dsert Eagle .44 series (gas blowback, magna)
KSC Beretta M93R series (gas blowback)
KHC Colt 25 Auto (air)
KHC Browning Baby (air)
Marui H&K MP5SD4 (electric)
Marui CZ75 (air)
Tanaka SIG P226 series (gas blowback, magna)
Tanaka H&K P8 (gas blowback, magna)
Marui PSG-1 (electric)
Maruzen Ingram M11 (gas blowback)
KHC H&K USP (air)


Marui M653 (electric)
TOP Type 64 (electric)
Marui Python series (gas)
Tanaka H&K USP (gas blowback, magna)
Maruzen Uzi Pistol (gas blowback)
Marui MC51 (electric)
Marui H&K MP5KA4 PDW (electric)
Marui SIG550 (electric)
KSC SIG P230 series (gas blowback)
Sun Project M16A2 (gas full auto)
Digicon H&K MP5A5 (gas full auto)
Tanaka SIG P220 series (gas blowback, magna)
WA Beretta M84 series (gas blowback, magna)
Tanaka Luger P08 series (gas blowback, magna)
Tanaka SIG P228 series (gas blowback, magna)
Tanaka SIG P229 series (gas blowback, magna)


Marui Steyr AUG Special Receiver (electric)
Marui H&K USP (air)
Maruzen Walther PP (gas)
WA Ingram M11 (gas blowback, magna)
Tanaka 9mm handgun (gas blowback, magna)
Marui H&K MP5A4 Navy (electric)
Marui SIG551 SWAT (electric)
KSC Cougar M8000 series (gas blowback)
Marushin Uzi (electric)
Marui CAR-15 (electric)
Marui AK Spetsnaz (electric)
Maruzen KG9 (gas blowback)
KSC TMP series (gas blowback)
KHC Desert Eagle 44 (air)
Digicon Digicon Eagle Series (gas)
Maruzen Remington M1100 series (cartridge, gas blowback)
Marui Steyr AUG Military (electric)


Marui S&W M19 Series (has)
Youth Engineering H&K MP5A5 (gas full auto)
Marui M16A2 (electric)
KTW Ithaca M37 series (air)
Marui SPAS 12 series (air)
WA Sigma (gas blowback, magna)
WA High Capacity series (gas blowback)
Tanaka Browning Hi-Power (gas blowback, magna)
Sheriff Remington M24 series (air)
KSC H&K Mk23 Series (gas blowback)
Maruzen H&K USP series (gas blowback)
Marushin Beretta M92F Maxi series (gas)
KHC SIG P226 (air)
KHC M4525 (air)
KHC SIG P228 (gas)
KHC Beretta M92F (gas)
KHC Desert Eagle 44 (gas)
Shin Nihon Mokei/MGC Compact 45 series (gas blowback, magna)
Shin Nihon Mokei/MGC Hardballer series (gas blowback, magna)
Marui Uzi (electric)
KSC STI Series (gas blowback)
Maruzen PPK/S series (gas blowback)
Marui M8000 Cougar (air)
KTW SPAS Junior Series (air)
Sun Project Browning High Power (gas blowback)
Sun Project H&K MP5 series (gas full auto)
Kokusai Glock 17 (gas blowback)


Maruzen Remington M870 series (gas)
Marui HK51 Carbine (electric)
Marui M4A1 (electric)
KSC M9 series (gas blowback)
Marushin Beretta M84 Maxi series (gas)
Asahi Blazer R93 (air)
KSC Glock series (gas blowback)
Tanaka Glock 17 (gas blowback, magna)
Maruzen Walther P99 (gas blowback)
Marui M92F Military (air)
Mauri M3 Super 90 Series (air)
Marui M92F Military (gas blowback)
KTW Walther P99 (air)
Marushin CZ75 Maxi (gas)
Marushin Mossberg M500 Maxi series (gas)
Tanio Koba 10/22 series (gas blowback)
Hudson Tokarev TT33 (gas blowback)


WA Beretta M8045 series (gas blowback, magna)
Marui M4A1/RIS (electric)
Tanaka PM series (gas, Pegasus)
Arii Thompson (air)
Arii L85A1 (air)
Arii AK47 series (air)
Digicon Straight Custom series (gas)
KSC Sig Pro series (gas blowback)
Marui Thompson M1A1 (electric)
Tanaka Python series (gas, pegasus)
Tanaka S&W N Frame series (gas, Pegasus)
Marsuhin S&W M629 Classic (gas)
Marushin Walther P38 Maxi series (gas)
WA S&W Shorty Forty series (gas blowback, magna)
Maruzen Government Series (gas blowback)
Marushin M1 Carbine Maxi (gas)
Marui Tactical Master (gas blowback)
KSC M92 Elite (gas blowback)
Marui M203 grenade launcher (air)
Marui Glock 26 series (gas blowback)


KSC CZ75 (gas blowback)
Marui SR-16 M4(electric)
Marushin Government Maxi (gas)
Tanaka S&W J Frame Series (gas, Pegasus)
Marui FN P90 (electric)
Digicon Target Series (gas)
Marushin Mauser M712 Maxi (Gas)
Maruzen Type U-SMG (gas blowback)
KSC Ingram M11A1 (gas blowback)
Marui US SOCOM (air)
KTW Enfield No.4 MkI (air)
Marushin Winchester M1892 Maxi series (gas)
Marushin Mauser M712 carbine (gas)
Marushin Luger Mk1 Maxi (gas)
Tanaka Super Redhawk Series (gas, Pegasus)
Maruzen H&K MP5K (gas blowback)
Marui Tactical Launcher (air)
Hudson M3A1 Grease Gun (Gas blowback)
Arii Compact 45 series (air)
Arii S&W M6906 (air)


Tanaka Mauser 98k (gas)
Marui Beta Spetsnaz (electric)
TOP M249 MINIMI series (electric)
KTW SP2340 (air)
Marushin Colt Anaconda Maxi series (gas, 8mm)
Marushin Randall Custom (gas)
WA S&W Sigma (gas blowback, magna)
Marushin Super Redhawk Maxi series (gas, 8mm)
Marui FN P90TR (electric)
Marui Government (air)
Marushin M Trading Super P29 series (air)
Marushin M Trading G33 series (air)
Marushin M trading Super P8 series (air)
Marushin M Trading P99 series (air)
Tanaka Glock 17 (gas)
Geneth G2000 (air)
Marui H&K MP5 RAS (electric)
Marushin Raging Bull Maxi series (gas, 8mm)
Marui US SOCOM (gas)
KTW Arisaka Type 38 (air)
Tanaka Detective Series (gas, Pegasus)
Marushin Detonics 45 Maxi series (gas, 8mm)
KSC Beretta M93R II series (gas blowback)
Maruzen Scorpion (gas blowback)
Asahi L96A1 (air)
Smokey's Barrett M82 (cartridge, pushcocking, 8mm)
Shoei MG42 (gas full auto)
Marui PC356 Limited (air)
Marui H&K G36C (electric)


Marushin Taurus PT92 (gas, 8mm)
KSC S&W M945 Series (gas blowback)
Marushin Bren Ten Maxi (gas, 8mm)
Hudson Jericho 941 (gas blowback)
Marui M733 (electric)
Marushin 44 Automag Clint 1 (gas, 8mm)
Tanaka SIG P226 railed frame (gas blowback, magna)
SIIS Beretta 92 series (air)
SIIS Model Eagle 50 AE series (air)
SIIS Model 1911-A1 series (air)
SIIS Model P99 series (air)
SIIS Model P226 series (air)
SIIS Model M4525 series (air)
SIIS Model Double Eagle Series (air)
SIIS Model G17 series (air)
Marushin Remington Derringer (gas, 8mm)
Marushin M1 Carbine Maxi (gas, 8mm)
P.W.D. D&L MR-30PG (air, 8mm)
Cybergun/Sunny S&W Sigma SW40F (air)
Marushin 8mm Police Revolver (gas)
Tanaka Remington M700 series (gas)
Maruzen Walther P38 (gas blowback)
WA Beretta M1934 (gas blowback)
Cybergun/Sunny Walther P99 (air)
Cybergun/Sunny SIG P2230 (air)
Cybergun/Sunny Taurus Millenium PT111 (air)
Marui VSR-10 series (air)
Marui G3SAS (electric)