Friday, September 30, 2022

A Great "Airsoft History" resource.

Thank the Gods that "Arnies Airsoft' 

was able to save this priceless artifact of airsoft history. 

Too much of the "old Stuff" on Airsoft,

 has dropped off the web, more than likely gone forever

This is a rare trove of information from a bygone era!

Good Job "Arnie" 

We need to do dinner again, 

sometime in this decade! 

Top 23 Great Job Memes for a Job Well Done That You'll Want to Share

Just more fricken pictures


Thursday, September 29, 2022

Marushin, 1911A1, U.S. Army model.... Telephone????????????

Now this is an odd one,

It is an Ebay listing, and priced way beyond my bank account,

 but I had to share it.

No real info that I can find on when, where or who made it.

Listing said that the magazine was removable and had a mini speaker inside it.

Slide operated and hammer cocked.

From the looks of the cradle adapter, it was not a "one off"

 If anyone has any more info on this weird duck, please let me know.

"I love strange airsoft related crap and I can not lie"

Airsoft Pic's, page 41

 Just more pictures, they never end.