This was taken from a Texas forum, done some years back, it was re-posted by AustinWolv. Remember this is about 6 or so years old.

Post in 2007
A while back, an user, jballou, from ASP created an amusing running list of "truths" and "do and don't" with some help of other airsoft players that bears resurrection, especially due to recent times in Texas airsoft. It is copied and pasted below since the original link is now lost in the Internet black hole.

While this is 3 years or so old now, many points are worth thinking about while others are dated. Items in bold are especially relevant.
Read and take some of the points to heart:
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The Laws Of Airsoft

This is where I will keep my laws. It started with had 4 that have served me well, and with other people's submissions and time, it has grown.

1. If it's your first AEG, get a TM.
2. If you don't get a TM, when it breaks (and it will) we will laugh at you, and hope you will cry. Also, someone may offer $80 for the heap of your busted gun you paid $300 for. It's about as good as you're gonna get.
3. If you have to ask if it can be done (custom guns especially), you do not have the skill to do it
4. Do not ask for advice, then do what you wanted to do in the first place.
5. If you're just starting airsoft, and want to be a sniper, use someone else's rifle for a bit. If you get a sniper rifle as a first gun, it limits what you can play. Get an AEG!
6. If you do not have time to shim it right, you will find time to shim it again, and replace the gears and piston.
7. If you are right, and someone continues to insist you are wrong, let the issue die. We all know you are right, and the other person's spouse is most likely having sex with the telephone repairman on the sly.
8. If you are in an argument, and the other person's profession is the subject of the argument, you are wrong by default. Unless your job is also about the subject matter, in which case nobody else has a fucking idea what you are talking about, so take it offline.
9. If you have any post with the phrase "WHAT IS TEH BEST GUN??!!!111" or any of it's permutations, commit suicide immediately, if not sooner.
10. If a game consists of two kids playing in the woods, it is NOT a "skirmish"!
11. Airsoft is NOT realistic. You show me a kid who gets his legs blown off from playing airsoft, properly executed air strikes and artillery, and we'll start talking about realism. Until then, you're a couple dudes in the woods shooting plastic BBs at each other from fake guns. If you want realism, join the army.
12. You play airsoft, you are not special, elite, or deserve any special recognition no matter how cool you think you are. That kid with the springer is every bit as cool as you when he hits you. Don't cry if people don't bow down to your skillz, yo, because it really doesn't matter unless you need it to rock yourself to sleep at night.
13. If you do not know how it goes together, have no diagram to put it back together, and have no access to someone who can put it together if you can't - DO NOT TAKE IT APART.
14. An M4 with a flashlight is NOT custom. An M4 with a boatload of crap bolted on, with a aftermarket RIS kit and different stock, it is NOT custom. Custom means "Made for this project" or "Not commercially available".
15. It's a game. You do not get anything by winning. Trash talking and name calling has no place in this game. Those who engage in it are petty, unpopular, and their mothers wish they had chose abortion, so let it go.
16. If you hit me, and I commend you on your skill and/or marksmanship, saying something smart like "Yeah, I kicked your ass" or anything else is a sure way to show your sportsmanship. If someone shoots you, and it's a hard or near impossible shot, it's nice to compliment people on it. If someone does it to you, be cool, and either thank them or say nothing at all. Again, trash talking is a huge bother.
17. "Winning" and then talking trash about the other side helps show how professional you really are. Really.
18. Hitting someone doesn't mean you "kicked their ass" when their side achieved the objective and you didn't.
19. If there is "no way you missed that guy", one of three things has happened: Either he didn't feel it, and it's an honest mistake, he is cheating and will get his comeuppance in the order of a full hicap to the head next time he gets hit, or you missed. Almost unilaterally it's number one or three.
20. Those without backup guns will find a problem with their gun that can't be fixed field expedient when they're 20 miles from nowhere on the first day of a weekend op.
21. The guy with $2,000+ invested in gear and guns will, at some point, get eliminated by a guy with his springer.
22. The team that acts l337 only impresses newbs
23. A standard magazine is not an accessory or an upgrade for your weapon
24. Just because you have a classic airsoft gun doesn't mean you are an airsoft guru.
25. You are but one player. Many players make up airsoft. You will not be missed and airsoft will not cease to exist if you disappear.

I have a question, what is 1337? I must be to old to get that!