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Winchester 73, Airsoft version

Do, do, do, do, wha, haaaa,haaa
(That was supposed to be the good the bad and the ugly theme, you get the picture.)
Let me take you back to a simpler time, before the rat-a-tat-tat of the rapid fire sewing machine gun.
Back to a time when you had to cock your rifle for each shot
Back to

When I was but a young man, 
I grew up near one of the most famous western towns of them all
I guess that's what gave me a life long love of the "Cowboy Guns"
I shot Cowboy Action for years in Orlando Fl, sweating out summers at the range 
in high boots and wool vests.
When I got back into airsoft I thought I was doomed to the life of using an M-4 forever,
Then I saw the light!
Ebay (and  a small stack of greenbacks) got me back to my roots
KTW Winchester 1873 lever action
( I am updating this post off and on all week, new updates are in the color red)

This beauty is made in South Korea, but don't let that stop you.
Mine is second hand, but you can get one on Ebay now, wish he was around a while back.
Spring powered, no sissy gas or battery for this bad boy.
At four and a half pounds this is a hefty rifle.The stock and forend are plastic, but it is some of the best looking "plastic wood" I have seen.
The butt-stock has a noticeable, but not distracting ,seam, 
the forend none at all.
The top cover slides open when you cock the lever, just like the RS, you have to push it shut yourself when your done firing.
It even has a brass colored "lifter" just like the real deal.
The barrel is plastic, I think, side plate, lever hammer, trigger, all metal
The only bad casting is the trigger, lots of pits and flash, but overall, this is a A1 replica.
Sights are pretty rudimentary, post front with a semi buckhorn style rear that flips up to become a ladder site,
 not that you would ever use it.
Trades consist of a tang stamp only, 
and the letters DSM on the barrel, 
(also I found the DongSan name and trademark on the butt plate.)
You load thru the under barrel tube, at the front of the muzzle you give the tube a 1/4 twist 
and the mag pops out.
It is listed as holding 37 6mm bb's, I have been getting 35 in mine, but it feeds great.
The safety, as it were, consists of , basically, not cocking it.
Like the Flintlock pistol made by the same company, the hammer is not connected with the firing mechanism
It will fire, believe me, don't ask any questions and don't look at my office wall too close,
just take my word on this , ok, now drop it.
It has a lever lock that allows you tooooo,,,,, lock the lever
This is not a safety.
(You know what, I was wrong. the lever lock will function as a safety. I was setting around re-watching "The Magnificent Seven" , the TV show not the movie, 
and had to have a  cowboy gun ( or two) at my side.)  

How does it shoot?
Fps testing has it at a very consistent 265 fps with .20, with a deviation of only 3 fps in three 10 shot strings.
Accuracy was very good with a 10 shot group at 75 feet just outside of 10 inches
Range is right at 165 ft to keep it in a man size target, shooting .25

At 37 inches she is a long one, but like the real steel it balances well in the hand.
No sling swivels, (except for the saddle ring) so your out of luck mounting a single point sling,
but hey, if you did that, 
you should be horse whipped anyway.
I stole all these pictures from a Ebay auction, they are a lot better than I could have done. I am going to add some more pic's next week, when the sun is shining and I can pose this with my other airsoft cowboy guns.
Oh yes, I have more, many more and you are going to hear about them soon.

Just added the crappy Video here

If you need anymore info, feel free to ask, I am always glad to share.

It also has a saddle ring, just like the Dukes, but his was a 1892 if I remember right.

Now, go buy one and relive those days of yore, 
or just use it to be different at your skirmish site, I know I will.

Till tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty my Friends.
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  1. GREAT MERCIFUL LORD! i have been looking for winchester lever action airsoft rifles for ages since they "discontinued" the M1892 last fall. thanks for the find ! :D

  2. Glad I could help, I had been looking at the AGM gas clone, I heard so much bad about it that I had about given up on having a lever action. Years ago I had one of the "Randall" KTW's and liked it so i put a standing search on Ebay of that. This full sized one popped up used from a guy in Yankeeland. Now I might have to buy another Randall to complete my "Guns of the (TV series) Magnificent Seven" (I think I have OCD about airsoft guns)

  3. maaan i love you you have no idea how much i love you at this moment in time i only wish i had more spare cash or i'd have bought 2! But one will do for now. I have had the crappest of crap weekends and this just make me possibly the happiest guy ever :) keep up the good work.

  4. Glad you found it useful, I too have a "wish list" and pop a gasket when I finally find one of them. hope the weekend turned out better for you now.

  5. can we get a firing test video? that would be awesome

  6. "The top cover slides open when you cock the lever, just like the RS, you have to push it shut yourself when your done firing."

    could you elaborate more on this? i was planning to buy this but am a bit iffy when it came to this part.

  7. I will take some pics of the "dust cover" tonight.
    I don't think it is a issue, I guess dirt could get in if you were doing some heavy skirmishing, but are you going to really be doing that with a lever action?

    I will try and also do a video if you think it would help.

  8. nice, i will be looking forward to it

  9. in your opinion is this gun worth $220 ? (included shipping)

  10. I think that the gun is worth the 225-250 range that it sells for. I am a fan of the western guns, along with the fact that a "wall hanger" replica would cost you about the same and not shoot.
    Is it upgradeable,,,no. If it breaks, can you get parts? Doubt it.
    It fills a niche for me, in these days of economic strife, justifying the cost of ammo, gas to get to the range and the time it takes to get to the range is hard to do. I can shoot this off my back porch at a bag of dollar store cowboys and Indians and have almost as much of a satisfying time. ( plus, I don't lose anymore of my hearing!)
    Yes, it was more than worth the cost to me, your mileage may vary.

  11. for 200-250 fps, is this gun a hard hitter? or at least dent a coke can ?

  12. Is this the one made in korea? been looking at it my self. can you explainn about the top slide opening when you cock it, but have to push it close?

  13. Yes it is made in Korea, the sliding top cover is just cosmetic, it serves no function except to replicate the real gun. The only reason to push it closed is if you cock the gun and then run around with it, it would help keep crap out of the action.

  14. So the cover will not close when you bring the cocking lever back to the up position? werrid.

  15. The dust cover replicates the real steel gun, in the RS the cover would have to be open to eject a casing. Remember , this is 1870's tech!I do not see it being a issue unless you drop it in the mud or dirt though.

  16. Does this gun fire single BB or two/three Bb's?

  17. This your lovely review inspired me to manage in order to achieve me too a KTW Winchester 1873 (almost unavailable here in Europe), and try to discover something more about, resulting in this review (and fo course the pleasure to play with such an amazing toy...).
    So, many thanks to your work.

  18. Thanks for the review, I'm thinking about getting the short barrel Randall model, which I assume will be of the same quality. I've got several KTW springers and love them all, especially the Flintlock pistols and Flintlock carbine. Minor cosmetic issues, but generally really well made; and like you, as a collector I think well worth the money.