Friday, November 9, 2012

Gunfighting, TimDum Style

Sorry for the lack of content here
I have been working a little harder than usual this year 
at getting ready for our election here in the US.
With December 21st right around the corner, 
I have been overseeing the contractors here at Skull Island
in rebuilding the battlements and a much needed refurb on the dungeon.

The training of my cloned Velociraptor guard force
has been slower than predicted due to the fact
that it is getting harder to replace the eaten trainers.
( once word gets out in that community, I have found you're screwed)

I have added some posts on the patented TimDum Gunfighting style to one of my other blogs.

Give it a look, I am working on getting some reviews for next week so do check back.

Till Tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my Friends.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time for a Rehash, past time

Yes, I am still alive.
Sorry I have been dark for so long, 
the fact that I lost "best airsoft blog" to some Hipster with a shaved rat masquerading 
as a dog put me in to a blue funk .
I drowned my sorrows in many a bottle of  Jim Beam premium bourbon, spent many hours walking the streets, chanting and slapping my head with a book of "The 10 Commandments of Aisoft by SCARR"  
(really, I have just been busy at work)

So, I am back and the 1st thing I am going to do is rehash something I wrote a few years ago.
I have seen this coming up again more and more on the various airsoft and RS forums I inhabit.
I think it's time to say it again

From March 25th 2010

Security for airsoft and other things in life

We all can't have a super hero hanging around the house, so we need to watch out for ourselves.

I have been perusing the internet the past few days, reading lots of forums for real steel guns and have noticed some things I wanted to talk about.

It seems like we all (airsoft and RS) love to show off our collections online.
Over the last couple days I have viewed some incredible collections of Firearms, High end collectible knives and airsoft guns. They are all on open forums, hooked to a screen name.
That screen name nine times out of ten has a profile connected to it with the hometown of the poster.
Sometimes even the persons real name is also available.
Now lets say you post up a collection of Vrosapale pistols, you are very proud that you have scoured the world to find all models of this unique piece.
A few weeks later you post that you are on your way to the Vrosapale collectors convention half way across the county and you will be off the forums for 5 days. You revel in your Twitter updates about you most recent find at the show, or what a jerk that last guy you dealt with was.
What have you just done?
Have you just told someone that you have valuable items and you will be gone from .to.?
What do you think?

I know you have a gun safe, but don't you think in two days time someone can't get into it, most of the time using tools from your own shop?
What about the other things showing in the pictures, computer systems, flat screens and all the cool movie collectibles in your "man room"?
Do you think bad people don't read Glocktalk, or ASR?

I bring this up because years (way too many) ago I was doing the gun show circuit in FL, 51 weekends a year, driving from one end of the state to another, setting up on on Fri, break down and home Sun night.
We had a time when a small group would come to the show on Sunday, tag a dealer that had a nice display and then wait around till close down and loadout and follow him home. Sometimes they hit as soon as the dealer got home or to his shop, sometimes waiting till the next day if it was a collector who worked during the week.
One dealer got killed and a few got hurt and they didn't stop until they screwed up and  got caught.

Now it's 2012, we have Google maps, Google name search, find anyone for 8 dollars and tons of other neat ways to locate an address.
 (and since I wrote this the 1st time, wonderful Google and IPhone apps that can tell everyone exactly where you are , right to the minute.)

Am I too paranoid? (can you be today?)
I learned to keep every thing collectible or rare at an off-site storage location. That and insurance keeps it away from myself and loved ones
It does suck that we can no longer have the "Trophy" rooms of yesteryear.
(even if you never have posted a picture, how about the bug guy, meter reader, the guy who trims your trees.
Do you think they might have looked in the window and passed on how cool your cave was?)

From AOL article, 
 Some insurance companies are catching on. Legal & General Insurance in New England says Facebook and Twitter users could be hit with higher homeowner's insurance premiums. Why? All that blabbing about activities away from home means they face a higher risk of burglary.

The company thinks burglars are actually "shopping" for victims on social media sites, looking not only for an indication you're not at home, but also photos of your home and valuables. That cute picture of your son hugging the dog? A burglar is looking in the background, eyeing your big-screen TV and new stereo system.

And it's not just adults. Teenagers are even more likely to post personal information, so Legal & General has warned that parents who aren't even online themselves could face higher homeowner's insurance premiums if their children are online.

So, a month after I post, others catch on, welcome to the party, Pal

Even though I have a overlapping video system with my next door neighbors, a alarm system, Two big dogs and a neighbor on one side who's a Reserve police officer and has a home office where he works that overlooks my house and on the other side is a just retired Navy DEVGRP 20 year man who has nothing better to do than sit on his back porch and shoot guns most of the day (and night, for the past damn week!) I still want to keep the good stuff locked up.
I hate that when I want to review a gun or get ready to go to a gun match or a airsoft game that I have to lay in another 40 mins to go by and pick up what I need, but I would hate to have a shootout at my house or even worse  to come home and find what I had worked 40 years for ransacked and off at some pawn shop.
My stuff is pretty safe and yes, I have gone overboard but it gives me piece of mind that I have done all I can, if I get hit now, that's what insurance is for.

Just some random thoughts that came into my head and I wanted to share them, and because I am old and it's my Blog, I did, Nah nah neey po po

I am losing it
Please share your thoughts on this in the comments.
See you tomorrow
Till then, Check 6
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zombie Shoot, Costume ideas Top Ten List

The local shooting club has a "Zombie Match" at the end of every month.
It is run with 22 cal guns and they tell me it's a lot of fun. ( I know, this is RS stuff, but hey, it's fun)
I ordered a holster and mag pouch for my Ruger 22/45
I also ordered a Uramex HK MP5SD 22lr rifle.
I figured that I need to dress the part if I am going to do it.
I was on the phone tonight with Sam from X-caliber Tactical and asked for some ideas,
 I should have known better !

So after a hour or so he sent me these,

So Tim's going to attend a "Zombie Hunter" gun shoot and needs some costume ideas....

1.   Since Tim actually is an ordained priest (Honest!! Would I lie about a servant of the Lord?!)

2.  Since Tim is a priest with aspirations... and because the Pope has put Tim as number 2 on his most wanted list behind the Devil after the now famed "Buca Di Beppo  incident at SHOT 2010.

3.   Have you really not seen that movie trailer yet?

4.    I would imagine this would also get Tim free gas when his truck squeals to a stop in front of a gas station and then he rushes in.. offering to pay for it in cash.

5.  Why not use Tim's arch enemy to his own advantage?  Plus imagine all the Sean Connery insults he would be able to throw out.  "I zombied your mother last night!"  

6. Tim can just wear that blood splattered shirt from SHOT Show, you know, after you hacked up that hooker at that suite at TI.....oops..  um.... everyone forget what I just said there...

7.  Remember Tim... it's a chainsaw... not the leaf blower...

8.  The only reason why I suggest this is because Tim already has the costume.  Besides, where do you think Zombie Hunters originally came from?

9.   If Batman can make it work for him, to take what you fear most and turn it  into what strengthens you....why not?  

10.   If Flying Monkeys can make it work for him to take what you fear most ,....why not?  

Now it's your turn
Do you have any to add?
More airsoft stuff coming soon.
Same Bat time, Same Bat Channel.

Till tomorrow
Stay Thirsty My Friends.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Stuff Taken from the web

From time to time, I check on the bookmarked airsoft sites I have collected over the years. 
It seems I have been remiss in doing this for a while and many of mine have been shutdown.
They all had something worthwhile on them, so now I am looking at the sites that have not had any activity for a while and stealing what is good off them before they go tit's up.
If I take something of yours, and you don't wish it to be seen here, let me know and I will take it down.
I just hate when someone's hard earned info, that can help others, disappears.
Found this info dump on Unconventional Airsoft, he has not updated in a long while and these are some good tips.

If you are having problems with your thigh holster twisting around your leg, the solution is not to strap it tighter to your thigh. It means that it’s not anchored securely and rigidly at your belt.

Load bearing vests can be uncomfortable after long periods if they put pressure at the bottom of your neck.

Stretching a spring out will increase it’s power for only a short while – then the spring rapidly dies.

While most all AEG inner barrels are pretty interchangeable, the same is not true of GBB inner barrels.

It’s said that the fixed hop-up on the APS2 SV is too high for even .30g BBs with an upgraded spring.

The Maruzen MP5K GBB does not lock the bolt back on the last shot.

They say it’s good practice to leave a small amount of gas in GBB mags for storage. This helps keep the seals in good shape.

It’s said it’s good practice to NOT load your GBB mags all the way to the top with BBs. Leave a few out. Otherwise, when you push the magazine in the BBs are pressing quite hard into the gas chamber bolt. This can (and has) fatigued and even bent the chamber. Leave 2-3 bbs out and your gun will thank you.

It seems the Mil-Force MP5K harness takes quite a bit of work to actually fit the MP5K. Fitting the M11 is no problem, however.

It’s said that some creative types use a shotgun sling with built-in shell pouches and insert their battery cells into the shell pouches, running a wire up the sling and to a connector on the gun.

The higher your hop-up is set, the less stable your BB’s trajectory will be and the more it will be affected by conditions such as wind.

They say that a fat-style Bic Round Stic pen is opaque white, is a circular tube in and out, and has a cylinder-ish flat lid. Their internal diameter is about 6.5 mm. Makes a great tube that Airsoft bb’s flow freely in.

They say that leaky gas gun magazine seals can be fixed by soaking them in 100% pure silicone oil for a day or so. If you are desperate, soak them instead in radiator stop-leak fluid or something similar – this will cause the seals to swell. Wipe them off and try it. Consider using some teflon tape as well (white film-like tape used to seal threads on compressed gas fittings). To prevent your seals from going bad, keep them lubed lightly and always store your magazines with a shot or two’s worth of gas in them.

Simple and effective anti-fogging for lenses can be had by applying liquid soap to lenses (no water), then polishing it off with a cloth. Lasts all day.

Some say that wiping a new sheet of fabric softener on your BDUs keeps mosquitoes away.

Adding something like powdered Gatorade mix (or other drink mix) to your water during winter will help keep your hydration on system line from freezing.

They say that dry-firing your KSC Glock with no magazine inserted is a sure way to need to replace part #78.

It is said that Green Gas (aka TOP Gas, HFC22) is really just Propane with some perfume added.

Till Tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my Friends

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

See the SHOT show thru the eyes of snake and ghost

Someone removed the Video, 


but you can find a copy here

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Airsoft Media Party, SHOT Show 2012

If 2012 is really the last year the world is going to be around,
we can say this was the best party the airsoft media ever had at SHOT Show!

Most of us started the day early, climbing onto some comfortable buses to trek an hour or so outside
Las Vegas to the SHOT Show media day.
A mile or so of shooting lines were set up with a cornucopia of firearms.
You could find everything from the newest Barrett to the most recent offering from Umarex in .22 cal
(And you got to shoot them, for free!)
I am sure you have seen the multitudes of pictures posted all over the web, I won't bore you with mine.
Let's say it was a fun day.
I left early to get back and set up for the media party.
We had it set up right off the dance floor inside the Gilley's country bar in the Treasure Island resort.
The staff was wonderful and put up with the 30 or so people that came by for dinner.
I heard the food was great, I was so busy making sure everyone had what they needed, I did not even eat, but as you can see by the pictures of me, I didn't need too!
Snake and Ghost from Beat Down Boogie stopped by to tame the bull.
I slipped the controller and extra 10.00 to make sure they had a ride they would remember,
your welcome guys.
After a few hours of great eats, some booze ( for those who do that kind of thing) and screaming at the top of our lungs to be heard over the country music, most of the group retired to my suite for a quieter chat.
Here are some snaps of the fun.
( Click on pic to enlarge)

X-Caliber Tactical ( 
FoxFury Lighting Solutions (
For helping me cover the cost of this venture.

Dr Airsoft is the evil genius behind this mess,
 his tireless emails and coordination made this a event to remember.
Stop back by and I will have up the rest of the sponsors and some picture captions soon, I am still getting over the SHOT Show crud, besides, Justified is coming on the TV and I need to go.

Till Tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty my Friends.
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Monday, January 16, 2012

What, your room at did not have these?

I guess you didn't stay at the Treasure island!
For SHOT Show,
I think all the suites have this setup.

Shooting Machine Guns at SHOT

Look at the trouble we got into in LV
The guys from Beat Down Boogie had big grins shooting the belt feds.
You might see the big Austrian in a pic or two
(Scaar from AATV)
Sam from Xcaliber tactical set it up for us to shoot
Special thanks to the men and lovely ladies from Machine Guns Vegas