Monday, February 13, 2012

Stuff Taken from the web

From time to time, I check on the bookmarked airsoft sites I have collected over the years. 
It seems I have been remiss in doing this for a while and many of mine have been shutdown.
They all had something worthwhile on them, so now I am looking at the sites that have not had any activity for a while and stealing what is good off them before they go tit's up.
If I take something of yours, and you don't wish it to be seen here, let me know and I will take it down.
I just hate when someone's hard earned info, that can help others, disappears.
Found this info dump on Unconventional Airsoft, he has not updated in a long while and these are some good tips.

If you are having problems with your thigh holster twisting around your leg, the solution is not to strap it tighter to your thigh. It means that it’s not anchored securely and rigidly at your belt.

Load bearing vests can be uncomfortable after long periods if they put pressure at the bottom of your neck.

Stretching a spring out will increase it’s power for only a short while – then the spring rapidly dies.

While most all AEG inner barrels are pretty interchangeable, the same is not true of GBB inner barrels.

It’s said that the fixed hop-up on the APS2 SV is too high for even .30g BBs with an upgraded spring.

The Maruzen MP5K GBB does not lock the bolt back on the last shot.

They say it’s good practice to leave a small amount of gas in GBB mags for storage. This helps keep the seals in good shape.

It’s said it’s good practice to NOT load your GBB mags all the way to the top with BBs. Leave a few out. Otherwise, when you push the magazine in the BBs are pressing quite hard into the gas chamber bolt. This can (and has) fatigued and even bent the chamber. Leave 2-3 bbs out and your gun will thank you.

It seems the Mil-Force MP5K harness takes quite a bit of work to actually fit the MP5K. Fitting the M11 is no problem, however.

It’s said that some creative types use a shotgun sling with built-in shell pouches and insert their battery cells into the shell pouches, running a wire up the sling and to a connector on the gun.

The higher your hop-up is set, the less stable your BB’s trajectory will be and the more it will be affected by conditions such as wind.

They say that a fat-style Bic Round Stic pen is opaque white, is a circular tube in and out, and has a cylinder-ish flat lid. Their internal diameter is about 6.5 mm. Makes a great tube that Airsoft bb’s flow freely in.

They say that leaky gas gun magazine seals can be fixed by soaking them in 100% pure silicone oil for a day or so. If you are desperate, soak them instead in radiator stop-leak fluid or something similar – this will cause the seals to swell. Wipe them off and try it. Consider using some teflon tape as well (white film-like tape used to seal threads on compressed gas fittings). To prevent your seals from going bad, keep them lubed lightly and always store your magazines with a shot or two’s worth of gas in them.

Simple and effective anti-fogging for lenses can be had by applying liquid soap to lenses (no water), then polishing it off with a cloth. Lasts all day.

Some say that wiping a new sheet of fabric softener on your BDUs keeps mosquitoes away.

Adding something like powdered Gatorade mix (or other drink mix) to your water during winter will help keep your hydration on system line from freezing.

They say that dry-firing your KSC Glock with no magazine inserted is a sure way to need to replace part #78.

It is said that Green Gas (aka TOP Gas, HFC22) is really just Propane with some perfume added.

Till Tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my Friends

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