Thursday, September 12, 2019

It is like that


Like a long dormant horror lying unseen under the permafrost,
 I have been lurking.
Waiting, Planing, Eating Bacon Cheetos, until the time was right.
to Rise up, and


And have returned to haunt the airsoft world. 

What could possibly drag me from my self induced exile to bring me back to this endeavor started in 1986?

Why, oh why, you ask, 
what did we ever do to resurrect this Demon 
 we though was long dead,
 a tiny footnote in airsoft history?  

Well, I will tell you.
Some gentlemen in southern North Carolina that, 
although well meaning, 
were clueless to the devastation it would bring upon the world,
uttered the words that brought upon my rebirth.

Those words were,
While there have been other games across the US, 
this is the 1st one close enough I think I can get to.

My "medical difficulties" means a long drive by myself is out.
So that would mean having someone to go with.

Riding in a vehicle for any length of time with me is listed by the United Nations as,
"Abject and Cruel Torture"
So I have to find a kind and unwitting soul to take me, 
and pray that there will be enough of their mind left 
to get me home at the end of the day.  

This is but a preview, I hope to add more posts and
that this wonderful idea grows some legs and becomes a

Check out the Facebook page here for more information,

I will keep you posted 
See Y'all soon

Stay thirsty my Friends.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Airsoft and Cowboy Action shooting SASS

As most of you long time readers know, I LIKE GUNS!

Airsoft, nerf, cap, toy, dewats, air, blackpowder, real steel.

I like guns that go psssst, pop, bang and BOOM

Little guns, big guns , new guns, old guns.

Plastic guns, wood guns, metal guns and plastic and metal guns.

Blue, Black, matte, shiny, nickle, chrome, polished or worn.

My first love is cowboy guns

My first cap pistol was a  single action army, my first real steel, a J C Higgins (High Standard) Double Nine.

At one point in my life, I was down to one handgun ( the horrors!)

You guessed it, it was a Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8 45LC/45ACP

I think I come by it honestly. I was born about as far southwest as you can get and still be in the US.

I trod the streets of Tombstone as a child.
(and no, I did not meet Wyatt Earp or Doc, I am not that old)

When Cowboy action shooting started, I was happier than Obama at a funeral.

Finally, a way to dress up like a 1800's pimp and not have to wait till the last weekend in October!

I got into the Single Action Shooting Society early, badge number 9946.

As with all things I do, I went all in. Bought guns, clothes, boots and hats,
 like they were gonna stop making them.
Then I started work for S&W, managing the retail store in Orlando FL and it all came to a full stop
(Store was open 10 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week, closed on Christmas. As with all things I do, I had to be there even when I did not)

I got to thinking 
(always a bad thing, I try not to do it much)

Could I use my airsoft guns to train at home for a CAS match?

I am gonna explore that topic over the coming weekend, I will get back to you soon.

As always, 

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

SHOT Show 2014


38 days until another fabulous week in Sin City.

I hope to bring you tales of daring do and  debauchery,  but do remember, I am old.

Dinner at 4 and in bed by 7 is my kind of fun now.

Take this time and look back of my past posts from SHOT show years ago, 
 they should be good for a laugh or two.

Winter is coming ,
If you don't get this, your too young to read this blog

Ordered my Brad Thor jacket so I will be warm and styling at the show this year.

Hope there are some new Airsoft items to show off at the show.
Last year was pretty slim.

Let me know if there is a booth you want to see pictures from.
I have a real photographer ( Rusty Spenser from ) and a video guy this year so it should be easy to do.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Scared you with that picture of me, didn't I?

Yes, I still am alive and will start back to my task of posting in a few weeks.

All those stories of me winning the lottery, marrying a supermodel and buying a island were false, 
as far as you know.

So stay tuned, NAFOM will be back with the quality posts you have gotten use too.
Or a bunch of useless dreck like most of what I have posted before.

See you soon

Till then
Stay Thirsty my Friends.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I need your help

As you all saw, I was named "most bestest guy in airsoft"
 by Popular Airsoft website.

I have this huge silver Plate to show how wonderful I am.

Now, here is my quandary, I have to decide, being the humble man I am, how it should be displayed.

I feel it would be a disservice to PA if I did not promote my award.

As all of you know, although I like to stay low key. I never try and stand out and always allow others to be the center of attention but, to be fair to them, here are my ideas.

1. Have a custom "plate" carrier made with a transparent pouch on the front and small strobing led lights shining on it.

2 Hook a huge silver chain to it and wear it like a "flav o flav" alarm clock around my neck.

3 Make it into a belt buckle ( of course, as fat as I am, you might not see it well).

4 Hire a guy to follow me around everywhere holding it above his head and singing my praises, like those boxer guys.

I have a while till Shot show to make this decision. Remember, I would just as prefer to fade into the background, but for popular airsoft, I am willing to seek a little limelight.

Please help, I am too modest to make this call, as you can see, I am only staying with the classy ideas so that this stays very unassuming.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I won, thank you, thank you, thank you

Seems like the wild and crazy guys over at Popular Airsoft had gotten tried 
of my constant whining and pouting after each contest and decided they would shut me up for good.
So........I WON

I was just honored to be nominated, blah, blah ,blah 
( insert self deprecating comment here)
Bull crap, I won and I am happy!

I now can say I have an award winning blog.
I know it has not been up to snuff lately and I can't blame it on flying monkeys this time.

Here is what really happened, but don't tell anyone.
See, I am a very vocal and strident guns rights advocate.
Knowing that, and knowing what they were planing to do, the government had to silence me.
They knew my ability to turn a phrase and my mastery of the keyboard could hurt them.

Their nefarious plan was kicked off at a trade show in Orlando, FL on the 31'st of October
I believe that they had trained flocks of radio controlled mosquitoes to inject me with a toxin.
(little did they know, I had been married, twice! I think both of my saintly x wives put just a little poison in my coffee each day. I know I would if I had to live with me, so I built up an immunity.)

I lost my voice at the show,
(now, this happened at every trade show I have done for years, I am a talker)

When I drove back to my lair in NC, I was deathly ill
( this happens every time also, I have the immune system of a 2 week old) 

Week one, after my retun, still no voice

Week three, still croak out my words

Week four, OK, this is getting serious.

A trip to the sawbones and a fiber optic camera shoved up my nose and down my throat told the tale.
Paralyzed vocal cord on the left side.
( Doctor had "No idea" how it happened, ya, right)

A CT scan found a huge mass on my Thyroid, so, more tests.
I had a biopsy the day before I left for SHOT show.
Las vegas is a fun town, not so much when your waiting to hear if you have the Big C or not though.
I found out on Thursday of that week, no cancer was found..
I think this is the 1st time I cried at a SHOT show, 
no, wait... there was the year 2000 show when I worked for S&W and everyone was mean and hated us,
wait again... I remember, 
we went out and got drunk and were very rude to people and we told them to suck it and if they wanted to complain  we worked for Glock, that's what we did.

Oh, sorry, back to the story.
Last Friday, I went under the knife and they took out my left thyroid.
.I have since been convalescing at home existing on a cocktail of codeine and anti nausea meds.

Voice, still ain't back,but there is hope..

So I say, Suck it you minions of the 
Military Industrial Complex, 

you Bilderbergers

you Trilateralists

 who tried to keep me down.
I will rise again, I will keep fighting the good fight,
I will not be kept down by the man.
Airsoft now, Airsoft forever!

More to come soon.

Till tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty my Friends.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The ultimate collection of classic model guns,airsoft and blowbacks for sale

The ultimate collection of classic model guns,
 airsoft and blowbacks for sale.

Tom Nelson was "The Man" in the early days of 
airsoft/model guns in the US, his company, 
Collectors Armory, predated mine (Command post) in bringing in model guns from Japan.

We bought many a pallet of PFC blowback guns from Tom 
to resell thru the Command Post catalog.

Looks like his collection is up for sale.

with a PDF file of over 200 guns


I hope to contact Sarco and have more info soon.

Would make a great Christmas present for an old man, just sayen!
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Gunfighting, TimDum Style

Sorry for the lack of content here
I have been working a little harder than usual this year 
at getting ready for our election here in the US.
With December 21st right around the corner, 
I have been overseeing the contractors here at Skull Island
in rebuilding the battlements and a much needed refurb on the dungeon.

The training of my cloned Velociraptor guard force
has been slower than predicted due to the fact
that it is getting harder to replace the eaten trainers.
( once word gets out in that community I have found your screwed)

I have added some posts on the patented TimDum Gunfighting style to one of my other blogs.

Give it a look, I am working on getting some reviews for next week so do check back.

Till Tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my Friends.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time for a Rehash, past time

Yes, I am still alive.
Sorry I have been dark for so long, 
the fact that I lost "best airsoft blog" to some Hipster with a shaved rat masquerading 
as a dog put me in to a blue funk .
I drowned my sorrows in many a bottle of  Jim Beam premium bourbon, spent many hours walking the streets, chanting and slapping my head with a book of "The 10 Commandments of Aisoft by SCARR"  
(really, I have just been busy at work)

So, I am back and the 1st thing I am going to do is rehash something I wrote a few years ago.
I have seen this coming up again more and more on the various airsoft and RS forums I inhabit.
I think it's time to say it again

From March 25th 2010

Security for airsoft and other things in life

We all can't have a super hero hanging around the house, so we need to watch out for ourselves.

I have been perusing the internet the past few days, reading lots of forums for real steel guns and have noticed some things I wanted to talk about.

It seems like we all (airsoft and RS) love to show off our collections online.
Over the last couple days I have viewed some incredible collections of Firearms, High end collectible knives and airsoft guns. They are all on open forums, hooked to a screen name.
That screen name nine times out of ten has a profile connected to it with the hometown of the poster.
Sometimes even the persons real name is also available.
Now lets say you post up a collection of Vrosapale pistols, you are very proud that you have scoured the world to find all models of this unique piece.
A few weeks later you post that you are on your way to the Vrosapale collectors convention half way across the county and you will be off the forums for 5 days. You revel in your Twitter updates about you most recent find at the show, or what a jerk that last guy you dealt with was.
What have you just done?
Have you just told someone that you have valuable items and you will be gone from .to.?
What do you think?

I know you have a gun safe, but don't you think in two days time someone can't get into it, most of the time using tools from your own shop?
What about the other things showing in the pictures, computer systems, flat screens and all the cool movie collectibles in your "man room"?
Do you think bad people don't read Glocktalk, or ASR?

I bring this up because years (way too many) ago I was doing the gun show circuit in FL, 51 weekends a year, driving from one end of the state to another, setting up on on Fri, break down and home Sun night.
We had a time when a small group would come to the show on Sunday, tag a dealer that had a nice display and then wait around till close down and loadout and follow him home. Sometimes they hit as soon as the dealer got home or to his shop, sometimes waiting till the next day if it was a collector who worked during the week.
One dealer got killed and a few got hurt and they didn't stop until they screwed up and  got caught.

Now it's 2012, we have Google maps, Google name search, find anyone for 8 dollars and tons of other neat ways to locate an address.
 (and since I wrote this the 1st time, wonderful Google and IPhone apps that can tell everyone exactly where you are , right to the minute.)

Am I too paranoid? (can you be today?)
I learned to keep every thing collectible or rare at an off-site storage location. That and insurance keeps it away from myself and loved ones
It does suck that we can no longer have the "Trophy" rooms of yesteryear.
(even if you never have posted a picture, how about the bug guy, meter reader, the guy who trims your trees.
Do you think they might have looked in the window and passed on how cool your cave was?)

From AOL article, 
 Some insurance companies are catching on. Legal & General Insurance in New England says Facebook and Twitter users could be hit with higher homeowner's insurance premiums. Why? All that blabbing about activities away from home means they face a higher risk of burglary.

The company thinks burglars are actually "shopping" for victims on social media sites, looking not only for an indication you're not at home, but also photos of your home and valuables. That cute picture of your son hugging the dog? A burglar is looking in the background, eyeing your big-screen TV and new stereo system.

And it's not just adults. Teenagers are even more likely to post personal information, so Legal & General has warned that parents who aren't even online themselves could face higher homeowner's insurance premiums if their children are online.

So, a month after I post, others catch on, welcome to the party, Pal

Even though I have a overlapping video system with my next door neighbors, a alarm system, Two big dogs and a neighbor on one side who's a Reserve police officer and has a home office where he works that overlooks my house and on the other side is a just retired Navy DEVGRP 20 year man who has nothing better to do than sit on his back porch and shoot guns most of the day (and night, for the past damn week!) I still want to keep the good stuff locked up.
I hate that when I want to review a gun or get ready to go to a gun match or a airsoft game that I have to lay in another 40 mins to go by and pick up what I need, but I would hate to have a shootout at my house or even worse  to come home and find what I had worked 40 years for ransacked and off at some pawn shop.
My stuff is pretty safe and yes, I have gone overboard but it gives me piece of mind that I have done all I can, if I get hit now, that's what insurance is for.

Just some random thoughts that came into my head and I wanted to share them, and because I am old and it's my Blog, I did, Nah nah neey po po

I am losing it
Please share your thoughts on this in the comments.
See you tomorrow
Till then, Check 6
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