Thursday, May 16, 2013

I need your help

As you all saw, 
I was named "most bestest guy in airsoft"
 by Popular Airsoft website.

I have this huge silver Plate to show how wonderful I am.

Now, here is my quandary, I have to decide, being the humble man I am, how it should be displayed.

I feel it would be a disservice to PA if I did not promote my award.

As all of you know, although I like to stay low key.

 I never try and stand out and always allow others to be the center of attention but, to be fair to them, here are my ideas.

1. Have a custom "plate" carrier made with a transparent pouch on the front and small strobing led lights shining on it.

2 Hook a huge silver chain to it and wear it like a "flav o flav" alarm clock around my neck.

3 Make it into a belt buckle ( of course, as fat as I am, you might not see it well).

4 Hire a guy to follow me around everywhere holding it above his head and singing my praises,
 like those boxer guys.

I have a while till Shot show to make this decision. Remember, I would just as prefer to fade into the background, but for popular airsoft, I am willing to seek a little limelight.

Please help, I am too modest to make this call, as you can see, I am only staying with the classy ideas so that this stays very unassuming.