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FoxFury Lighting Solutions

Press Release**For Immediate Release**
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John Bianchi and FoxFury Announce Alliance to Revolutionize the Flashlight Experience   

FoxFury, LLC Vista, CA USA, December 29, 2011       
The legendary John Bianchi, CEO of Frontier Gunleather and founder of Bianchi International, and FoxFury Lighting Solutions announce an alliance to redefine the look and feel of the flashlight experience for all users. The goal is to create the lighting tools of tomorrow using the latest technology along with old-school quality and craftsmanship. Come meet John Bianchi and Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury, at SHOT Show booth #26206 to learn about the new projects they'll be embarking upon.

John Bianchi has been a police officer, a military general, competitive shooter, author and THE authority on holsters. Mario Cugini (left) and John Bianchi (right)In addition, John also helped pioneer the tactical light market in 1975 with his robust Bianchi B-lite, which served as the predecessor to the modern police flashlight. Bianchi's D-cell powered B-lite and Super B-lite have influenced many of the police flashlights from the 1980s to modern day. John's influence to this day can be seen in the design of many holsters and the promotion of competitive shooting though the Bianchi Cup.

"I am excited to be working with FoxFury on the introduction of some great new products," said Bianchi. 

Mario Cugini founded FoxFury Lighting Solutions in 2003 to revolutionize the lighting experience by offering a hands-free LED surfing light for recreational use. When Cugini learned of the unfilled niche lighting needs of first responders, he redirected the company's focus towards professional markets. FoxFury designs and manufacturers LED lighting solutions (including headlamps, area lights and flashlights) primarily for fire, law enforcement, military and industrial applications worldwide. FoxFury formed partnerships early on with top LED manufacturers including CREE and OSRAM. FoxFury was the first company to exclusively use LEDs in all lights in order to target the niche needs in professional markets.
"FoxFury is thrilled to be able to work together with John Bianchi. John and I are eager to give shape to our vision of a new type of flashlight that will feel like a natural extension of a person's hand," said Cugini.SHOT Show

John and Mario will be available at FoxFury's booth during SHOT #26206 to mingle with press, buyers and flashlight enthusiasts about their new relationship and the elements of the future product designs. SHOT Show will be held from January 17 to 20 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas.
The Legendary John Bianchi and Mario Cugini Talking Tactical Lights
The Legendary John Bianchi and Mario Cugini Talking Tactical Lights

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Press release on airsoft and Customs

press release
Nov. 29, 2011, 5:17 p.m. EST

Occupy Port of L.A. - MF Research Group Reveals Small Businesses Being Crushed by US Customs

IRWINDALE, Calif., Nov. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Though we live in a country where American citizens are entitled to unalienable civil privileges such as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but we can't have it all. The laws and policies we live by are strictly regulated by the government. Recently, certain agencies have overstepped boundaries and abused power in the facade of protecting the country. MF Research and Publications has researched the matter of recent import seizures by the CBP and DOC and reveals abuse and negligence.
The government has been making it difficult for small businesses in the airsoft sporting goods industry to operate. Airsoft is a recreational sport in which plastic pellets (airsoft BBs) are shot out of realistic, non-lethal shooting replicas of actual firearms. Presently, the Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been seizing shipments of airsoft guns from businesses such as AirSplat, Tac City and many others for the reason that they are incompliant with our country's policies.
According to the policy, imported airsoft guns must have a blaze orange tip affixed to the barrel of the gun to clarify it is not a real firearm. Though all shipments have been compliant with the policy, the CBP would find ways to disprove it. They have claimed that the tips of the airsoft guns were painted on, though all orange tips are made with solid orange plastic. They also claimed that the tips were not permanently affixed to the airsoft guns. Their examination was by way of using power tools, which resulted in merchandise being broken into pieces.
An estimated $250 million in pending seizures has been pilfered from small businesses this year. It can take as long as 18 to 36 months to sort out the issue due to delayed responses from the CBP. It costs an estimated $150,000 in fees to retrieve a shipment of merchandise worth only $100,000. $50,000 is lost. No one is held accountable for the lost funds nor have any repercussions been established. As of November 2011, we've gotten word that the CBP is further preparing to seize more airsoft shipments in the near future.
We can see palpable evidence demonstrating ways the government has abused their power to bully unwary targets. While the CBP plays the role of defender, small businesses in the airsoft industry - and all import businesses - are suffering.
Contact: Mario Francisemail:
SOURCE MF Research and Publications
Copyright (C) 2011 PR Newswire. All rights reserved
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Airsoft Media at SHOT Show

Hey guys,
If you are going to be at the SHOT show in January of 2012 and are there under NSSF media credentials, please let me know if you would like to attend the 1st annual SHOT show airsoft media party.
Dr Airsoft started the idea and asked if I could help put it together.
I need a firm number by Nov 30th.
Sorry its only open to the media types
I think the venue I have procured will blow you away.
Please contact me thru my blog or post in comments.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Know your too old for airsoft when......

I saw a post about this on the Team AARP forum,
I then remembered we had one a year or so ago on the NCAO Forum
So, being totally unimaginative, I thought I should do one myself.
I will start it and add as time goes on, 
But feel free to add all you like in the comments section.
I am sure you guys will come up with better ones than I can.

Let's start,
You Know Your Too Old For Airsoft,

1. YKYTOFA when you local field requires full face mask for teens,,,and a oxygen mask for you.

2. YKYTOFA when your at the drug store looking for Depends in Muilti Cam for your next game.

3. YKYTOFA when you have given up on explaining that it's 
"Mil-sim"or "Tactical training"                       
  and just tell you wife when your leaving the house, 
" I am going to play war with the other kids"

4.YKYTOFA when you step out from behind cover to take a hit just so you can head to respawn and get a chance to sit down.

5. YKYTOFA when you take the sniper role, so you can nap a few times in the afternoon.

6. YKYTOFA when your guns have had more birthdays then your teammates.

7. YKYTOFA when you have custom mollie pouches built to hold your toilet paper and prep H.

8. YKYTOFA when the local field has a special waiver for you, that requires you to have your own EMT unit on standby.

9. YKYTOFA when you watch those hoverround commercials and wonder how would that look in Woodland camo

10. YKYTOFA when your teammates bring energy drinks and powerbars, 
while you carry Ensure and Fiber 1

11. YKYTOFA when you build a custom handle on your stock so your rifle can double as a cane.
(Kudo's to Grant)

12. YKYTOFA When you're wearing both woodland and multicam because 
your eyes can't tell the difference.

13. YKYTOFA When you wish Shot Show would go back to Florida. 

14. YKYTOFA When your mates suggest you add ris rails to your walking frame and or walking stick!
( Thanks to stewpidbear)

14. YKYTOFA when you get asked about your classic and its actually your oxygen bottle. .

15. YKYTOFA When you drop a mag on the ground and you pay another player to pick it up for you.
( love it chrishg)
16. YKYTOFA When the game starts you barely get to the start up point before the game ENDS.

 17. YKYTOFA when you ask the check in guy if they have a AARP discount.

18.YKYTOFA when you have to leave a game by 3 pm so you can make the dinner specials

19. YKYTOFA when someone tells you to change your nickname to "Grampa"!
(From ZEN, NCAO forums)

20. YKYTOFA when you don't worry about mouth protection - you just pop those dentures out before taking the field.
 (Mushee, via NCAO)

21. YKYTOFA when you can identify Rhodesian camo at a glance, because you saw it in Rhodesia 
( the county fell in 1980)

 You Know your too old for airsoft
When you look like this!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

SHOT Show is coming soon, this year will be BIG

For those of you who don't know what SHOT show is
I have to ask, do you live under a rock?
It's only the hugest, more big than BIG, 
collection of guns and tactical crap under one roof than you can ever imagine.
(with some hunting stuff thrown in)
Again this year, the great people at FoxFury Lighting Solutions  
have caved in and will allow me to work in the booth.
( I am the LE/Mil Sales manager for FoxFury)
This will be my 26th SHOT Show and it means a trip back to Las Vegas for a third year in a row.
I know it is a hardship, you see what I have to go through just to get copy for this blog!

My interview from last year, done by the great Thumpy
(Deleted from youtube)

Now, this is not the big news, the big news is that due to the largesse of FoxFury,
The actors and crew from Beat Down Boogie will be accompanying me to the show!

Now I am sure most of you know who I am talking about,
but if your that guy I mentioned before that lives under a rock, here's some of their work

(deleted from youtube)

I will be using the guys as my production crew for media day, 
that is the day before SHOT where media people get to go out to the range and shoot all the new guns, 
so I guess you can expect some videos of some cool stuff

Expect some incredible videos to come from our days in the LV sun,
it's also Ghosts and Snakes 1st ever trip to Vegas, so LV needs to watch out too.

A huge thanks goes out to FoxFury lighting for sponsoring the BDB journey.
The guys will be in and out of the booth on Tuesday and Wednesday so stop in and meet them.
We have a few other Big things planned for SHOT, 
so stay tuned to this blog and my company blog at 
and follow us on that facebook thing

Shot show runs from January 16th thru the 20th 2012 in Las Vegas Nevada.
It is a industry only show with over 50,000 attendees from all over the world and over 1600 vendors.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Absinthe... Bewitching Wand of Tim the Enchanter.... Review Coming Soon!

click to enlarge

Absinthe has been portrayed as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug,
commonly referred to in historical literature as "la fée verte" (the "green fairy" in French).

Two or so years in the Making
Countless revisions ( I never can make up my mind)
More money than ever should be spent on a airsoft gun.
X-Caliber Tactical can sure build a gun.

Stay tuned for the review coming soon

Find out why that handsome guy is standing next to Gunny here

 Also, head over to the FoxFury Face book page and friend us.
It will help me get a raise so I can afford this god awful expensive hobby!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

An old man rages against ignorance ( Airsoft Revolvers)

Y'all know by now, I am old.
I started out yesterday and checked on that newfangled "Facebook" thingy 
to see what peoples dogs were up to and if I got "poked" over night or not.
I found this
(Video of some douche wrist twisting in a revo cyl)
Deleted from YouTube

Now, anyone who has seen my pathetic attempts at video  know,
I do crappy ones, but when I watched this one, I went BALLISTIC.

It was not due to the fact that I guess they didn't have a script, 
that must have been the reason that the same adjectives were used over and over.

It was not even due to the fact that just because it has "Dan Wesson"
trademarks on the barrel it looks nothing like a Dan Wesson.

It was not even the fact that they deleted my well thought out comment
on their facebook page

It was because of the gun handling skills of the presenter.
In talking with a younger colleague on the landline later that evening 
( one who is well versed in Real steel tactical weapons),
I came to realize that it is an age thing, not a stupidity thing.

So, because I seem to buy every Tanaka revolver that comes up for sale,
if you have the time,
here is a school on what not to do on your airsoft revolver.

It really is just one thing you need to remember


I would love to have the time to chop up bad gun handling clips from tv and movies
into a quick youtube vid
( if I knew how)
but for this installment here is the one that really gets under my skin.

The spinning and wrist flip to close the cylinder into the frame.

Now I know it looks cool, just like the "HK" slap,
but every time you flip out the cylinder or flip it back in
you are putting severe strain on this part

That "L" shaped piece is called the crane,
although it looks like a stout piece of steel, 
it is not designed to take the stresses put on it by the "flip"
It will go out of alignment, 
in an airsoft gun, this just means that your 130-300.00 gun is now worthless,
but if you do it with a real steel one,
it means that your bullet could impact the side of the forcing cone
causing a "Catastrophic failure" (That means BOOM)

Also, when you spin the cyl and flip it closed,
you could do damage to the ratchet and hand 
(other parts that no one sells for airsoft!)

To properly close the cyl, cup it gently in your non support hand
and ease it into the frame,
That's it, do it slower, just like that.
( wow, where did that come from, I think I like my revolvers a little too much!)

I worked for a little company called Smith & Wesson for a few years, 
they made a revolver or two and I sold a few.
I guess this is why I get so upset when I see this done
"on the street"

I know a lot of people today have never fired a revolver, real or airsoft, 
so after taking my blood pressure meds and my heart pills,
I have calmed a little and now understand.
Your not doing it just to piss me off,
you just did not know that it could do damage.
Now you do

If you would like more information on this topic,
or any others I have covered

damn kids
where's my glasses?

Till Tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty my Friends.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MWGS DVD now for presale

Here it is,
In all it's glory.
The DVD you must own for 2011 
(Hey, it's the only one this year with me in it)

If you only buy one DVD this year, this is the one.
Airsoft guns, Snake,  Ghost, Killer fight scenes and Robots.
Nothing released this year compares!

See my 22 seconds of glory, and the shot to the head that makes sure I wont be back!

Buy it here.
Seriously guys, the more DVD's that sell, the faster they will get to make this.

Till Tomorrow, 
Stay Thirsty my Friends.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Modern War Gear Solid DVD launch Party

Last Friday night, the MWGS guys put together a great party.
For the first time the attendees got to see the series in it's entirety.
I was privileged to be invited, and had a great time.
Here is a short clip from that mass of fun

Did you catch the preview of whats next?
These are great filmmakers, actors and just all round good people.
I am privileged to have the memory of the tiny part I played in it.
Keep an eye on these guys, I think we might see their names again.

Me, in November of 1961
I was even getting ready then for a role, Told you I was physic!
Hey, my Mom thought it was funny.
I need someone to photo shop a plunger in my hands.

I will let you know when the DVD goes on sale, 
It will pay to support these guys now, they might remember you in their Oscar speech in 2016!

Untill Tomorrow
Stay thirsty my friends.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Truth about Airsoft!

I have my helmet and eye pro, now if I could just mount a mini to this thing!

Being old, allows me a certain latitude, like passing on homilies to the young whippersnappers.
So this is the start of my "TRUTH" post, I will update as my brain kicks in and out.

TRUTH Number 1
If you want an airsoft gun to work, don't Fu&$ing upgrade it.
Really, I almost learned this years ago, when fast cars and mud trucks were what took all my 
"disposable" income.
Think about it, 
(I didn't) when you change a cam or a carburetor (look up what this was) you get more horsepower, 
but more horses do no good unless they get to the back wheels, 
and if the back wheels just spin, then it is still all wasted.

Now I am far from a Mechbox tech, but I do know logic, logic tells us that if change one thing, you are going to have to change a lot of things if you want it right.

TRUTH Number 2

I have seen it time and time again, 
someone buys a new airsoft gun and the 1st thing they ask is what spring they should change too. 

Lets get this straight, it is not about FPS, it is about hitting your target.

I have seen and own many guns that put out a paltry 245-350 fps, but can nail a 5 gal bucket at 225ft.
I have also seen too many guns that are shooting at the ragged edge of field legal and beyond, 
that couldn't hit the side of a barn at 100 ft.
To paraphrase Puff Daddy "It's all about the accuracy, Baby"

TRUTH Number 3

Buy the best gun you can afford
Then save your money, 
don't jump in to upgrades,
then buy another gun exactly like your first one.
Hear me out. 
Most of us have to drive a good piece to a game, so you have travel cost. 
Then it's a whole day that you could be, making overtime,spending with loved one's, catching up on chores or Honey dew's or like me, sleeping, so you want to make the most of your field time.

It more than sucks when you gun goes down 15 min's into the game.
If you have a same same backup gun, then all you have to do is go to you car and swap,
keeping your rig the same means it's a 5 min swap, not one that will lose you an hour of play.

TRUTH Number 4
It's airsoft.
That is my fallback phrase whenever I start to hear a tale of woe.
It's airsoft, your guns gonna break.
It will, it happens in all the sports that rely on anything mechanical.
I have been to an IDPA (real steel) match where my roommate who came straight from work, 
shot his duty pistol. 
On the 1st stage his rear sight flew off his P226 to parts unknown.
He, being a tactical ted, drew his back up Glock 26 from a ankle holster and tried to finish the stage, 
three rounds in the gun reversed a spent case and jammed it back into the barrel.
Two guns , that he trusted his life to and took care of, failed within 3 mins of each other.

I spent untold hours, days, weeks on my baby 1973 corvette.
It's first rally started great, 15 mins in it began to rain, I turned on my windshield wipers and they proceed to do a very inept imitation of  the movie Captain Blood, battling each other to death across my windscreen.
I stopped and had to tear off the passenger side wiper by hand, but got right back into the rally, 20 mins later the bolts holding my alternator both sheared at the same time and my fan belt pulled that 10 lb chunk of metal into the fan, which shot it though the radiator and out the front of my car.
I don't have to add that due to the wiper incident, I was in last place, with no one behind me, oh, and this was before cell phones also!

Shit happens, 
Have a backup, or two, or ten like me ( ok, do not be like me, but you see where I am going, right?)
 One is none, two is one and three is better, I must be betterest of them all

Truth Number 5
If you do upgrade your gun, Buy the very best parts you can afford.
Do it right the first time, I know you heard this little statement from everyone in your life since you were 7, there is a reason, it's true.
It's also true that if you crack your gearbox to upgrade, you will be inside it again soon.
There are no "common specs"  in airsoft.
Every manufacture has their own recipe. They might be off by just a hair, but that .0001 will put things out of line sooner than later.

That is why you have a stock backup in the backseat. (Truth 3)

TRUTH Number 6
Always shoot your gun before you enter the field
I have ran enough chronograph stations to know the following is a fact.

On any given game day, at least 10% of the guns brought up to chrono will not shoot.
Get to the game field early ( like that is gonna happen), ask where you can test fire and put some rds downrange. While your at it, make sure you are hitting somewhere close to where your aiming also.
You would not believe how many people have never fired their gun except for in the back yard at 25 ft.
I truly believe that this would cut the "call your damn hits" shouting in half

TRUTH Number 7
You do not know everything.

I thought I did, I started working in a gun shop when I was 12 or so,
sweeping up and stacking boxes of clay targets in exchange for 12 gauge hulls to reload.
I ate, breathed and dreamed about guns.
I read every book in the local library, the downtown library and
spent every extra dime I had at the book store and newsstand.

By 1982 I had amassed ( and read) a collection of every issue of every gun magazine printed in the US
up to the current ones, this was before the internet
( if you gave me a month and year,
I could tell you from memory what was on the cover of guns and ammo for that month).

I had fixated on Smith and Wesson ( a S&W rep used to come to the store, he always wore the safari clothes like the ones in the old browning catalogs, crisply pressed.
I acquired a huge man crush and set a goal of one day being a "REP"),
I would call S&W, write letters, and was a general pain in the ass to anyone that might know something
I wanted to know. If you had cut me I would have bled S&W blue.

Years went on, I worked in gun shops and even ran one, some time in the early 80's
I was at a IPSC world shoot and overheard a guy talking about a factory J frame 357 mag.

I knew there was no such animal, and I told him so
" You might have a Straham custom, but S&W NEVER made a J frame 357"
He was polite, nodded and walked away.

At the end of the day I was heading to my car to dump my gear when I heard someone whistle.
I looked over and the "Liar" was at the trunk of his car, he motioned me over.

I walked over for him to tell me that he was sorry,
but he pointed at the inside of his trunk.
There on a nice gun rug was a factory S&W 357 magnum 5 shot J frame.
The gentleman had been a high muckity muck with the FBI and the S&W he had was boasting a X serial number prefix (X=Experimental), but he was right and I was a huge fool.

Don't get me wrong, there are liars, I can not even begin to count the number of people that told me they had "a Glock7, you know the ceramic one, my brother in law whose is a SEAL gave it to me"
after Die Hard 2 came out.

Bottom line to this long, rambling, now I know I am an old man story,
you don't know everything.
Learn from everyone, I have even learned stuff from kids at the field.
I know everything about one thing, that is I don't know everything.
(unless we have been drinking, then all bets are off)

TRUTH Number 8 

You don't learn crap on days everything goes right.
Think about it, have you ever had one of those days when your bb's reached out just a little farther,
you aim was just a little better, your gun had no hiccups and the temperature was just right to play?
What did you learn that day?
Absolutely nothing.

What about the day your gun went down three times? Some guy in the parking lot helped with fixing it?
You ran into that situation on the field where those guys were dug in and held you off for an hour in the damn heat until someone came up with a plan to route them?

Now, which day was better?
I say the shitty one.
You learned something, even if it was a small thing.
If you don't keep learning, you stagnate, if you do that, you might as well be dead.
I feel sorry for people whose life is perfect, I have a few friends like that,
they are really the saddest (and most boring) people I know.

It's airsoft.
More to come

See you Tomorrow
Until then
Stay Thirsty My Friends.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Winchester ( it looks more like a Marlin) Airsoft

I am finishing up my Airsoft Cowboy set and will have reviews and pic's up this week.

I manged to pick up a very old, shell ejecting lever gun that looks to be based off the Marlin 1894, two Tanaka Colt single actions, a Marusin Single action Army along with some double barreled shotgun pistols and a full size double barrel shotgun, Plus some derringers.
I have been trying to put together some good leather gear for a photo shoot, but that is going slow.

I will do my best to get it done this week, seems like life has been getting in the way of my Blogging!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time to Laugh, if you dont have the time, make it!

If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago, you would have $49.00 today.
If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in AIG one year ago, you would have $33.00 today.
If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers one year ago, you would have $0.00 today.
But, if you had purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank
all the beer, then turned in the aluminum cans for a recycling refund, you would have received $214.00.
Based on the above, the best current investment plan is to drink heavily & recycle. It is called the 401-Keg.
A recent study found that the average American walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found that Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That means that, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon!
Makes you damned proud to be an American.


After a long night of making love, the guy notices a photo of another man on the woman's night stand by the bed. He begins to worry. Is this your husband? He nervously asks. No silly, she replies, snuggling up to him. Your boyfriend then? He continues. No, not at all, she says nibbling away at his ear. Is it your dad or your brother? He inquires hoping to be reassured. No, no, no! You're so hot when you're jealous, she answers. Well then, who in the hell is he? He demands. She whispers in his ear, that's me before the surgery...



Till Tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty my Friends