Sunday, August 27, 2023

Guys, I am still alive


Yep, still kicking, 

well as of Aug 30th 2023

If you need me, I am on X

as Iamnobody1961

Hit me up


Welp, as of October 30 2023,

I am not on X anymore,

 as I committed the egregious sin of calling a person running for Congress a 

lying dog faced pony solider.


So I am 2 for 2 on social media,

Perma banned from facebook, for posting a pic of a airsoft S&W 639, with the orange tip defacement, and Zuck decided that the model number was a price that I was trying to sell the gun for, and kicked me off forever.


It is difficult for me, not that SM is a joy,

but it did give me a version of voice, and due to my issue with a paralyzed vocal cord the last 10 years,

It is the only voice I had some days.

Most all airsoft discussion had moved to facebook, so being locked out of that, has kinnda hurt.

But, on the upside, I have stood up from my keyboard more, walked outside and have seen the sun most days!

Just lucked into some of my "unicorn guns", 

so maybe now, I will start posting again

(If I was you,I would not believe I will do it either, as I have had more false starts and mis attempts than the CIA did trying to knock off Castro)

But, hope springs eternal!

Stay Thirsty my Friends