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From my 2ed ever post, in Aug,,,of 2009,,,,

 GOD, has it been 13 freaking years??????????


I am the old guy, on the left

Lets start this blog with a little history.

Who am I

My name is Ellwood, Tim Ellwood,
born in AZ back in the good old days, when tumbleweeds blew down the streets
 and real men wore real steel on their hips.
I moved to Orlando at age 15 or so,
 misspent my youth in gun shops and shooting, a short stint in the Coast Guard,
 worked for Orange county, Malibu Grand Prix and others, got into airsoft by way of a phone call in 1986.
I had bought a Tokyo Mauri spring gun from a company up in the panhandle of Fl, talking with the owner brought forth he was looking for a partner in crime, so I moved to Crestview Fl and embarked on the start of my airsoft career. The Command Post was the 1st airsoft/paintball gun and accessory catalog in the US. We carried all the top makes, Splatmaster, Nelson and Brass eagle, that was about it for paintball back then. We added Tippmans wonderful SMG 62 and also were the exclusive distributors in the US for the Para Ordnance model 85, yes Para started life as a paintball gun manufacture!
We also carried a full Toyko Marui line, at that time they only made spring guns, and some high end guns (what is now considered "classic airsoft")
SHOT show 87 found us in New Orleans, trying to explain what these weird looking guns were, and on the airsoft side, fielding comments like 
" Hell son, I could buy a real gun for that"
I traveled the country promoting paintball and had a lot of fun.
 I was also the back cover "boy" on the 1st few issues of Action Pursuit Games magazine and ads in SOF and the like.
In late 1988 I left the company to pursue matters in the "real steel" market place.
I have had a gun shop, managed a police supply company, was sales manager for a major firearms and accessorizes distributor, ran the Smith and Wesson store in Orlando and then moved to NC to take over the SE regional sales manager position for S&W to cover NC, VA and eastern TN.
After the mass layoffs at S&W, that I got caught in, I manged a gun shop in Greensboro for a while and then tried to own my own used book store,
After that failed miserably,
 I embarked on a quest to provide a affordable video camera that could be mounted on a firearm to the LE community.
Working for Pacific Concepts, after a year in RD we brought to market the Advanced Tactical Camera. 
Sold by US Calvary and other retailers, it enjoyed a minor success.

I got back into airsoft in 2006 when I was looking for a way to display my camera and not have to tote around real guns.
I now trade and buy airsoft like baseball cards, and have some limited access to the manufactures and builds of all sorts of crazy guns.
So, that's me in a nutshell

What will this blog be about?

Random acts of airsoft, as it relates to the pre AARP crowd.

When will I post?

When ever I have something worthwhile to say, or when I just want to ramble, hey, it's my blog!

Where will the info come from?

My many minions will fan out from my fortress here in Skull Island NC and call in news, tips and other assorted intelligence, most of it gleamed in death defying ways! I will leave no stone upturned to bring you the hottest news from the fast breaking world of airsoft ( not really, I will just pass on crap I find on the web, from phone calls and trade shows)

How can you do all this and still have a life?

To be honest, I am just that good!!!!!

Stay tuned for many thrilling adventures, gun reviews and other crazy stuff, or just a lot of boring crap, depends on how you look at it.
Update for Sept 24 2022 
Back in 2010, I went to work for a lighting company selling to the Fire, Law, Forensics  and Military.
I traveled to a ton of trade shows, met a huge amount of great people (and a few jerks) and learned a lot about the use and design of lights for those markets.
I guess it has been about 5 years, since the US Government has deemed me,  
"worthless and unemployable"
(medically, not mentally, as most people predicted I would be)
Due to the fact I was run over by a semi in 1980,
 (when someone says "I feel like I got hit by a truck", 
I can explain in depth to them what that really feels like!)
I now spend most my weeks unable to walk a few days a week, 
and a few days of that week unable to talk (due to a rare malady called "Laryngospasms"),
and they rarely overlap.
So I have not accomplished much over the last few years.
 My real only contact with far flung fiends and other humans was facebook thru the past 5 years.
But, The Book Of Face, decided a few months ago I was a threat to decency, as I had post too many picture of airsoft guns, and they perma banned me.
(their loss, I spent a bunch of money on crap ads I saw on that pesthole of a site)

So, to keep from losing the last few remaining brain cells I did not kill with all that free Bourbon I drank at the LE trades shows, I am returning to my long forgotten blog to try and keep me sane.


Standard Disclaimer
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I do maintain my impartiality as a reviewer. I receive no recompense for any reviews 

Thanks for coming, when the car stops, step off to the left.

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