Thursday, June 2, 2022

Hello Boys,,,,I'm Back. Did you miss me?


Well, it has been a while since I visited this old blog of mine
I see that Photobucket has canceled my account, so there are a few gaps I need to fill on the back timeline.
The reason I did come back, is farceblook, in all of it's magnificent glory, decided they did not need "my kind" around, so they 
Perma banned me, 
no reason given! 
So, as I was going to start up the page there and start doing some crap again with airsoft, I had to move to plan "B"
At one time, I use to pull in 10 blog views a week, I doubt I will get back up to that kind a astounding readership again, but I will give it a try. ( and honestly, I was addicted to that face thing, and now that I cant even look at it, I am bored shitless!)
I hope to do some reviews on some of the 500 or so airsoft guns I have accrued in the past few years, and maybe some reminiscing about the "old days"

There wont be any game  playing though, a couple years back the Govt decided that I was broken enough to not work, and now I just sit on the front porch and yell at squirrels.
(it is better that way, the pittance they return to me of my money they "borrowed" over the years, keeps me in cat food and BB's and keeps me from going out in public, something everyone around is happy that I don't do)

So, let's try this again, and see if I can entertain you just a little in the coming months, 

 Stay Thirsty My Friends,,,

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  1. Dammit Tim. I was just wondering where have you been and completely dropped off FB.