Friday, March 26, 2021

Man, it has been a while

 Wow, bet y'all have thought I kicked the old bucket of bb's huh!

Nope, I am still horizontal (and sometimes vertical) and still accumulating 6mm shooters.

I am older, but no wiser and while my mind thinks I am still a spry teenager, my body tells me different.

I want to start doing some more reviews, and trying to promote some of the new players to the airsoft building.

I WONT be doing much "field work", as most weeks, I cant walk three days out of them and cant talk 2 days, and they rarely overlap!

But I can still type, and shoot guns, so I want to be still good for something.

I have picked up some strange and wonderful items form the past and would like to share them with Y'all.

I really dont know if blogging is even still a "thing", or if I have to have Vids to go along with it, but one thing you do not want to see is my face, or hear me talk, so I hope that is not the case.

So, keep a look out and lets see if I can follow thru this time.

here are some of the items coming up

Till later, stay thirsty my friends

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