Monday, November 22, 2010

It's official, GBB M-4s are firearms per BATFE as of Nov 5th

I saw this when it popped up  on Nov 5th,
I wanted to wait till I had some word from ATF themselves as to the disposition of the replicas.
I had to write them a real letter, that's right, paper and all, to get an answer.
So far, no reply.
I know that this makes the GBB M-16/M-4 a "unregistered" firearms 
( in the respect that the serial number was not recorded with ATF at time of manufacturing).
If I do not get an answer before Jan I will make it a point to talk with them 1st thing at SHOT.

I have calls out to the NRA, (now, for the 1st time airsoft is kicked into their court )
and BATFE. being a holiday week, I doubt anything will come back, but I will keep you updated.
now this has been found.

I am trying to track if it is correct by phone as I type.
but a phone call and a finding letter are two different animals.
I will keep you updated
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  1. I can get a plumbing pipe, a cartrige, a nail and a hammer and get it to fire. Seems ATF have far too much time on their hands. Can you imagine how many real firearms are slipping through while those ATF muppets play with toys?

    If I was a tax payer in the US I'd be asking for a refund and channel the cash into a law enforcement agency who are a little more focussed on the real threats.

  2. The decision was rescinded.

  3. the ruling says that airguns are being manufactured with fully functional receivers. legally the receiver is the weapon, as it is serialized and every other part of a m16 can be purchased legally with out paperwork as a parts kit. even AR15 receivers are designed not to house an auto sear.

    even if they can't get one to fire full auto, a 2004 law bans the importation of assault weapon receivers, so it would still be considered an illegal weapon.