Saturday, October 23, 2010

Beat down Boogie Redux

Just a brief update on my time spent on set last weekend with the crew 
filming part 3/4 of their smash youtube hit.

I got to show off some new lighting and a gun or two,
but the best part was the chance to be an extra in the next episode!
 Wish they had made me wear a balaclava, but at least I look ugly enough to be a SWAT cop!
And yes my finger is on the trigger, that is because I was shooting someone!

 I was running a Ares FNC for the 1st part of the day, 
had to switch to my X Caliber Tactical built custom Patriot for the afternoon
as I am still sporting a few broken ribs from my encounter with a bridge a few weeks back.

Yes, that is a C mag, come on, it's a movie
Wish you could see a reflection of "Ghost" in my heads up
I did have him "dead to rights"

I had a hell of a great time, I have never worked with a film crew that were anywhere near as friendly
or as accommodating as these guys were to their bit players.
Super crew and everyone there was professional and nice.

This is coming from a cranky old guy that usually bitches about everything, 
so for me this is high praise.

They have some editing and effects work to do in post , 
Ep 3 should be out in a month or so, 
please check it out.

Till tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty my Friends

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