Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old man at the SHOT Show , some Pic's

Ok, I guess I need to start loading some pic's up, seeing as its been over a month now.
1st off, the Firestarter.
The Knife is a Gerber, painted to match. That's me in front of the Gerber booth. 
They took lots of pictures also.

In front of the JP booth, Mr JP himself loved the gun.

The best looking and smartest sales person at the show.
The Firestarter just looked so much better when she was holding it.

What is the Firestarter?
The most expensive and in my opinion, the best looking airsoft racegun ever built.
Started life as a Madbull JP, after a huge amount  worth of custom paint by a high end bike shop from the northwest, lots of magic from X-Caliber Tactical's custom shop and some led lights in the forend, it is as you see it now, a masterpiece.
I got the pleasure to walk this from the X caliber booth , across the whole SHOT show floor to the JP booth, I can truly say it created a huge stir on the floor.  I was stopped time and again by vendors and attendees asking what it was and commenting on how great it turned out.

Cost to replicate?????
North of 5 grand
How good it looks in person?
My Pictures do it no justice at all, I will have some better ones up soon.

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