Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SHOT countdown, Travel starts in 2 days. Great news!

The Flying monkeys are packed, My 5.11 and Woolrich
"Businesses Tactical" wardrobe is pressed and we are almost ready to go.
Last minute items are still finding there way in the luggage but I am approaching max weight and sacrifice's will have to be made. I have found if I wear each pair of socks for three days I can fit an extra carton of cigarettes and 3 more DVD's.

Super news on the show front
We will have the absolute coolest Airsoft guns at the show in the X-caliber Tactical booth.

We will be introducing a new M2 "Ma Deuce" 6mm, full scale, CNC'ed, tripod mounted airsoft gun from a brand new manufacturer.
Production units will be available within 6-8 weeks.

We will also have the first showing of the new Piper
"Evolution RSG2"
   (R) rotary (S) six barrel (G) generation 2

Also, making it debut in Las Vegas,
The Finest, Most Expensive Airsoft Race Gun Built.
Over a Year in the Making 

 Make sure you check back on the evening of the 19th for the 1st pictures.

This is all predicated on my flights connecting, the road trip from Austin to LV going off without a hitch 
and my ability to stay out of the Spearmint Rhino on setup nite.
I am making no promises. 

Everyone asks, what's with the Flying Monkeys 
Ported over from http://lawenforcementvendors.blogspot.com/

Why I carry a gun

Ok, everyone always asks, " so, why do you feel the need to carry a gun with you?"
After they get up off the ground, after falling there from the head smack I gave them, I tell them it is because I read the newspaper every day. But............ That is not the whole truth
Now, here is the the real truth, you ready

Flying Monkeys
that's right, I saw the Wizard of OZ when I was very young and saw what those Godd#$@! things can do, they are hideous, and real damn scary.

So that's it, I carry a gun because of those Flying Fuc%&!# Monkeys. ( FFM's for short)
I also carry a backup gun, just in case I get some monkey juice on my primary one.

I guess the next question is, What is the best caliber handgun for repelling FFM's
My daily carry is a  Springfield XD45 5" Tactical, a S&W 332 loaded with magsafe ammo for pocket carry, and a X26 Taser. only three extra mags for the XD, but I do have the add on battery carrier for the X26 so I have two shots there.
Do you think this is enough, I also have a Remington 3 gun competition model 1100 12 gauge in the truck , if I can fight my way back to it!

I now wonder how the Taser will do on FFM 

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