Friday, May 7, 2010

I have been "dark" for a few days

Do you think that this sign hangs outside a "China Clone" makers shop?

Sorry I have been remiss in my postings. 
I have been journeying thru the wilds of the great state of West Virginia attending the Mock Prison Riot that is held each year in the beautiful town of Moundsville.
Least you think that I have my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek when I say that, you would be wrong. 
It is a great show with tons of vendors,
Glock, Safariland, FN, Sage (great M14 stocks), Duostock, Foxfury Lights, X Caliber Tactical, MSA, ESS and of course, me (the main reason most people attend it each year).
It is limited to SWAT and Correction SERT teams. 52 competed this year and 1375 attendees were present.
Not much new was shown that would interest you guys,
I did hook up with a target company that is making targets just for airsoft,
they are sending a sample that I will diligently test.
This was the first year in the past 5 that I did not get sick or injured at the Riot (yaaaa)
Last year I had my foot ran over, year before dropped a 5lb co2 tank on my foot,
few years ago I was so sick I set up, went to the hotel, stayed in bed for four days
then broke down and went home.
This year was (thank god) fairly uneventful.

If you plan on going to the upcoming Airsoft event there,
give me a holler,
I have learned the best bars and foodstuffs and have a local guide on tap 
( this is, if you are over the age to consume adult beverages).

I should be back on track now, of course as always it takes me a few days of rest before I am myself again, but never fear, I will be back to "normal" soon.

I did get a new carry "Real Steel", what do you think?

See you tomorrow.

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