Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's the weekend, and I want to rant

The view from right outside my office in the lair.

I have been letting this one build for a while, I have addressed it time and again on some forums. I then realize when it turns into a flame war that I need to remember my mantra, 
fighting with morons is like teaching a pig to sing, it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.

Lets start on my first rant, this one is on Airsoft suppressors.

This will usually start with a post from a new member wanting to reduce the sound of his AEG or GBB.
Some one will chime in with the fact that its not a good idea, then it will turn into a "why not",
"that sucks", "ATF sucks", "you don't know crap", " my cousin is a ATF agent and he said it was fine"
and so on and so on.

Lets boil this down to just what you need to know. If you make a device that can be removed 
( QD, screwed off etc) and it can some how be attached (tape, threads, gorilla glue etc)
to a real firearm and it reduces the sound level by just 1db
(even if it is destroyed in the process),
You have made a "NFA Firearm" and are subject to 
 a $250,000 fine, 10 years in prison, or both.
Now really, is it worth fighting about on the forums when you know what the penalty's are?
In reality, the chance of ATF busting down your door and 
flash banging mom and dad at dinner are slim. 
I do know if you get pulled over on the way to a game and the Law Enforcement officer that asks to search you car will not know all the laws. 
If you show him a solid metal tube that acts as a barrel extension, that's one thing,
if your "barrel extension" has baffling or foam, that's a lot harder to explain.

"But I asked my wife's third cousin who is a reserve sheriffs deputy 
and he said it was OK"
Here is a news flash, police officers know the laws they use the most,
they don't know all the laws, nor could they, some just wont admit it.
You will be dealing with a Federal case, something most locals want nothing to do with.
"I called ATF and they said I was fine, just do it"
This one amazes me, that someone would put in writing a legal opinion that can come back and bite them harder than a rottweiler on a ham bone.
Come on, don't you think some idiot will read this, then go out and make a can and when caught with it, give you up faster than a Strafer firers bb"s (175 per sec)?
Please, everyone ,
remember that the internet is forever,
what you say now will float around for years and
get you when you least expect it.

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV.
I am a fool that has been around on this earth for almost 50 years
and have spent the greatest bulk of it in the Firearms industry. 
I have seen someone go to jail for "fake suppressors "
can I cite this with a internet link, no, it happened in 1987, 
long before I perfected the WWW you use now. ( me and AlGore)
He was a west coast competitor of mine when I was with Command post.
Back it those days, MGC company made MAC-11 Blowback guns 
( They used a cap in a brass shell to simulate firing of the gun)
if my feeble brain is still working, 
I believe he brought in 30 of the PLASTIC mac's with the cans. 
Customs seized them and ATF tested them, he went to jail for a long time for the lack of knowledge about the TOYS he was bringing in.

Bottom line on this rant

It is not worth the hassle for a little quieter gun, 
you make more noise walking than an average GBB makes anyway, 
you are not "Solid Snake" or "Sam Fisher"

Do I use cans on my guns, yes sir. Nice solid ones that wont ( maybe)
get me in trouble.
Will ATF get you? They are busy now with fools trying to blow up Pathfinders,
but you never know.
Mr Murphy shows up at the strangest times. 

So ends this rant for Saturday May 8, the year 2010

Stay tuned for more rants, reviews and genuine sillyness to come.

The above does not constitute legal advice,
I am not now nor have I ever been a bloodsucking, low down  lawyer guy
( just kidding, you guys do come in handy from time to time) 
This is just the mindless ramblings of a pre demented soul.
I am not an "expert" like most people on the internet.

Now I am going to bed, see you tomorrow. 

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  1. Well, I know you feel better now that you've written that. It's been burning a hole in your gut since last Tuesday.
    Of course you realize that your comments will now be "out there" on the 'net for A LONG TIME.....