Saturday, May 8, 2010

Me, doing a demo of the Strafer at the North Atlantic Airsoft expo

The Strafer
175 bb's per second or so
Louder than hell
More fun than a bag full of weed whackers or a Hello Kitty Chain Saw

As you can see, I could not edit these to just show you how awesome the Strafer is, wish I could have cut out my ramblings, but for some reason I cant edit videos shot on my Nano with my computer, so live with it. 

Wallace from Z-Shot graciously donated the box,  
Doug from Tactical Duo Stock worked as the camera man.
Your announcer and trigger squeezer was me, in all my old, fat glory.
The Strafer was supplied by X Caliber Tactical
Goggles supplied by ESS, the only airsoft goggle used by NAFOM
Look at that cool shirt I have on, that too was supplied by X caliber in a collaborate design with yours truly.
Next month 5.11 will come out with it and claim the idea, remember where you saw it 1st.

Get your Strafer here

They are going thru them like Pelosi goes thru Botox,
better get yours now.

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