Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Parking this here


Until I can grasp the

level of artistry this person does with airsoft

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Guys, I am still alive


Yep, still kicking, 

well as of Aug 30th 2023

If you need me, I am on X

as Iamnobody1961

Hit me up


Welp, as of October 30 2023,

I am not on X anymore,

 as I committed the egregious sin of calling a person running for Congress a 

lying dog faced pony solider.


So I am 2 for 2 on social media,

Perma banned from facebook, for posting a pic of a airsoft S&W 639, with the orange tip defacement, and Zuck decided that the model number was a price that I was trying to sell the gun for, and kicked me off forever.


It is difficult for me, not that SM is a joy,

but it did give me a version of voice, and due to my issue with a paralyzed vocal cord the last 10 years,

It is the only voice I had some days.

Most all airsoft discussion had moved to facebook, so being locked out of that, has kinnda hurt.

But, on the upside, I have stood up from my keyboard more, walked outside and have seen the sun most days!

Just lucked into some of my "unicorn guns", 

so maybe now, I will start posting again

(If I was you,I would not believe I will do it either, as I have had more false starts and mis attempts than the CIA did trying to knock off Castro)

But, hope springs eternal!

Stay Thirsty my Friends


Thursday, January 5, 2023

The day I will renouce firearms, Forever

I know the day is coming, and I dread it. 

My mailbox will have my latest copy of Firearm news in it,

Goodbye Shotgun News, hello Firearms News ::

 on the cover will be a tated out model "tough guy", 

Hitman, the Tough Guy Male Character Latex Face Mask - Zagone Studios, LLC

dressed in whatever the latest rage in tactical wear is now.

 In his hands, will be the worse abomination seen by man. 

 It will be a 416 Rigby double rifle, 

 The Rising Bite Double Rifle - John Rigby & Co.

But, with a AR buffer tube fitted, 

and a Tactical DuoStock M-4 buttstock, 

a full length Rail will replace the rear tri-sight and ivory bead, 

and a combo red dot/night scope/thermal will be perched on it  

SKS 3-9x42 illuminated Scope w/Red Dot Sight ,Mount, LED Flash Light ...

the forend will be metal, 

with those picture hanging holes in it, 

and all metal will be hydro dipped,,,,,..

In the black and white "Skull" pattern. 

Seamless Skull Wallpaper Background Stock Illustration - Download Image ...

The English bridle sling, will be replaced with a white paracord one,

 and instead of a fitted leather case, 

it will come in a Koplin Plastic box,

NEW Max-Guard Cyclone Hard Plastic Double Rifle Case - Firearm Storage ...

 and the reviewer in the article, 

will lament the fact, 

that it lacks threaded barrels!

That will be the day, I burn all my belongings,

 and enter a monastery on some high peak in the Alps,

 shunning the materiel, decayed world,


Sunday, December 4, 2022

 KOKUSAI model M 700 spring piston bolt action (a cautionary tale)

 So I found this on Ebay, from a seller I have bought way too much stuff from.

I was happy to win the bid, and eagerly waited the brown truck honking his horn in my driveway.

As always with this seller, it was very well packed in a sturdy box.

Now come's the bad news.

Due to it's age, and the fact that 98% of the unit is plastic, portions of this beauty did not survive transit.

The barrel broke off at the chamber, just past the forend and one half of the "magazine", was just dust in the bottom of the box.

I dont believe when these were produced in the 80's, much thought was given to longevity, or that in the far future of 2022, someone would be still shipping them cross country!

If you are a aficionado of ancient airsoft, do take this into account if you feel the need to buy one online. 

This all being said, I am still thrilled to have this in my small collection

(about 600 or so)

I will do a review on it with some pic's of how it stands now, soon.

I have debated into turning it into a copy of the

 "Silent Sniper System"

 if I can not find another magazine for it

(even though it is not a Winchester model 70)

Rare and odd Vietnam sniper rifle : guns

This is the listing as posted on Ebay.
"This auction is for a Beautiful and extremely rare in this Country  KOKUSAI model M 700 spring piston bolt action with a tubular magazine air soft replica made in Japan.The rifle is made of mostly ABS plastic except for the internal parts which are metal.The stock is made of a beautiful wood imitation plastic and it has a few nicks on it.The gun is complete and working fine but one flaw is the magazine holder .Apparently the previous owner dropped the magazine cover or holder and one of the small plastic legs broke off.They repaired this with some kind of glue but did not do a good job.
The rifle is absolutely gorgeous and very heavy and well made.I don’t have any literature on this particular gun and there is limited information on the internet.This is a very rare and highly collectible piece but I have to sell it AS IS."

 Great article on the Remington 700 series airsoft guns made in the past
 Translated version

See ya soon, 

Till Then,

Stay Thirsty, My Friends


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Strange, if true

 In what may be a bizarre case of mistaken identity, the Russian FSB has killed a group of Russian people it claims are pro-Ukrainian saboteurs – 

but who reportedly appear to be Airsoft enthusiasts who were engaged in live-action roleplay of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video games.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022

A Press Release from KRYTAC

KRYTAC makes a great gun,

 (I have heard, I do not own any of thier product)

I want to commend them on picking to reproduce an "odd" gun to bring to market.

I love oddball, weird, obscure, stupid, failed, ungainly, bizarre and "out there" Firearms.

I have a small collection of them in RS, and a large amount of them in Airsoft.

I will be saving my pennies and picking up alum cans off the highway so I can get one of these when they come out.

When I do, I might actuality write a review. 




SilencerCo Releases Rights for KRYTAC to Develop Exclusive Maxim 9 Airsoft Pistol

West Valley City, UT — SilencerCo is pleased to announce that an airsoft version of their iconic Maxim 9 integrally suppressed pistol will be released by KRYTAC®. The two companies have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement, giving KRYTAC® the rights to develop their first gas-powered airsoft gun as a Maxim 9 replica. These airsoft Maxim’s will be available through KRYTAC’s distribution network, which includes the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

The KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 is constructed of a reinforced polymer frame with an anodized aluminum slide and baffles. The baffles are modular, allowing for the versatility of both a short configuration (240mm) and long configuration (275mm). Under the baffles, there are three keymod cutouts where a short rail section can be mounted. The fixed barrel is threaded to accept a special version of the famed Acetech Bifrost airsoft tracer unit, designed specifically for the KRYTAC® Maxim® 9.

The KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 is also micro dot optics ready with provisions for KRYTAC’s new multi-footprint mounting plate, accommodating for RMR®, RMR®cc, and RMS footprint optics. It can be fired in semi-auto or full-auto, and is fed through a lightweight, aluminum, 24-round capacity magazine.

“SilencerCo’s Maxim 9 was the world’s first integrally suppressed 9mm pistol that is holster-able and hearing safe with 9mm ammunition,” said SilencerCo Product Manager, Andrew Herbst. “It’s a unique product that bridges the gap between carrying a short and concealable pistol and staying hearing-safe. We are excited to now be able to share this innovative product with the airsoft community!”

Offering and Availability

The standard version of the KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 is offered in the short configuration, with either a green gas or CO2 magazine. Accessories sold separately include the Maxim® 9 Tracer and Extended Baffles Kit, Multi-footprint Optics Plate, Holster, and short keymod rail section. The Maxim® 9 Standard, Tracer and Extension Kit, Muti-footprint Optics Plate, and keymod rail section are scheduled for delivery by November 2022.

The KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 Deployment Pack will consist of the standard configuration pistol, with one green gas and one CO2 magazine, including all Maxim 9 accessories in a custom carry case with foam for the Maxim® 9 and all accessories. The MAXIM® 9 Deployment Pack is scheduled for delivery by December 2022.


MAXIM® 9 Standard Gas


MAXIM® 9 Standard CO2


MAXIM® 9 Deployment Pack


Tracer and Extension Kit


MAXIM® 9 Holster


Multi-Footprint Optics Plate





About SilencerCo

SilencerCo, based in West Valley, UT is the nation’s leading designer and manufacturer of suppressors. Since our birth in 2008, our dedication to authenticity and innovation has never wavered. Today, we continue to focus on exceptional customer service and industry-leading products; products that are crafted by people with the utmost dedication to our industry. We are hunters, shooters, and gun enthusiasts, just like you. Our innovative and forward-thinking approach has allowed us to give the firearms industry what many said was impossible. This is what drives us to be better—to be the best. Because you—the shooter, the hunter, the Second Amendment lover—deserve the best.

For more information about SilencerCo visit


KRYTAC®, established in Southern California in 2013, is an advanced product development team of the USA-based firearms manufacturer, KRISS USA, Inc. KRYTAC® is a global brand that delivers innovative products to the shooting community in order to lay the foundation of firearms safety, skill, and shooter evolution. Every process of development is designed to offer the best possible ownership experience by elevating performance, value, and service.

For more information about KRYTAC visit


PHONE: 385.887.1414


Friday, September 30, 2022

A Great "Airsoft History" resource.

Thank the Gods that "Arnies Airsoft' 

was able to save this priceless artifact of airsoft history. 

Too much of the "old Stuff" on Airsoft,

 has dropped off the web, more than likely gone forever

This is a rare trove of information from a bygone era!

Good Job "Arnie" 

We need to do dinner again, 

sometime in this decade! 

Top 23 Great Job Memes for a Job Well Done That You'll Want to Share

Just more fricken pictures