Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's up with ARES

This is the info I have been able to glean from some phone calls
Spartan imports will be bringing in the H& Kock branded guns, they will also have Ares other guns but they are bringing them in from Europe so the price will be high.

Z shot ( at this time) will be the distributor for all non H& Kock guns for the US.
The reason the guns are not here yet is because Ares does not inventory guns. They make them when ordered and the order has to be considerable ( read Bunches and Bunches of guns) They also make them in sequence, 1st M-4 then WA 2000's as so forth.

Last I talked with them, and all of this is subject to change as this is airsoft, it looks like summer time before they start coming in. I did not ask about about any specific guns time frame. 
So, if you want a H&Koch Ares, have your dealer call Spartan, for all others, Z-Shot,
but it's best to wait till they start coming in,
I am sure that Arines, airsoft EU and popular airsoft will let you know when that is. 
On a personal note, I got my new computer up, what do you think?
I just cant seem to find discs to fit for a backup, must be too new to the market.
I also wanted to talk about this Arizona thing, as that is the state I was born it.
I am glad to see pictures of the Border Patrol doing such a great job, keep it up guys!

Now, get back to work
See you later,
Stay thirsty my friends.

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