Friday, May 28, 2010

On a search, for the "ULTIMATE"

We are all searching!
5.11 unveils their new "monster wear" to go along with all the other crap they added to their catalog.

What am I looking for?

I have started to find an overload of CRAP has built up around the house and the warehouse.
Just gazing at my desk in front of me I can count 5 cameras, 3 MP-3 players, 6 airsoft pistols,7 "Tactical " knives and 10 flashlights.
Now tell me , am I insane or what?
So now my quest is to find the "best of the best"
When I find it in each item, then the rest of the crap is off to Ebay.
(not airsoft guns though, you can never have too much money, be too good looking or have too many guns, 
because I will never have the 1st two, I make up for it on the 3ed)

Now, my 1st search will be for the best Tactical pants.
I know, why don't I start on something that will help clean the desk? I will tell you why, 
because I am stupid and that would be to easy, that's why, smart ass.
I have been wearing Royal Robbins 5.11 pants for many years now, I guess I got my 1st pair about 25 years ago
( I still have them and because of the elastic waist, they still fit )
Of course the downside to wearing 5.11's is that at a trade show, you are one of a thousand wearing the same pants, but hey, I don't like to stand out anyway.
(You can Stop laughing now, those who know me)

I have tried the Tru-spec and don"t like them at all, the cut of the thigh pockets is strange to me, and they are very baggy.
 Ditto on the Proppers I tried also, just not the right fit.

I am going to try some pants from here
Both their brand and a pair off their closeout sale on the Blackhawks.
I will let you know.

After I find my pants, I can move on to other necessitates.

I refuse to pay over 50.00 for a pair of pants to use to do trade shows and shoot in. 
Maybe if I was an "Operator" I would understand why pants that don't have a built in blond  or washes my truck while I drink cost so damn much.
When I find the "ones" I will then buy 6 pair and be set for a while.
Found this website, it has some good info, but everyone has different opinions on what "feels" right.

On a different note, I am going to be doing some postings on "gear I found at Wal-mart"

Cheap alternatives if you are not looking to replicate a certain warrior or time period.
Mainly for the player, not the Cos player type.
Stay turned to this station, you won't regret it.
(if you do regret it, just do what I do, a couple of slugs of Jim Beam and it's all better

See you tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my friends 


  1. Good luck on your quest! I look forward to checking out your findings :)

  2. Thank you. I have about 15 pairs of the 5.11's, I just hope the ones from LA police gear are well made, because 22 bucks a pair is a lot better than 50!
    besides, it seems like the 5.11 guys have caught the H&K disease. The one's I have met at the trade shows are acting like their all that now.

  3. I highly recommend Vertx pants. You won't look like a wannabe "operator" and they are very functional and comfortable.