Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Airsoft in print.

Ok, so I am stuck in the center seat on a redeye back from the land of fruits and nuts (CA) and all I have left to read is a Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (Written by David Michaels, that is) book.

I am a little ways into the book and Sam is ninjaing up on a boat when he spots a guard.
Now direct from the book
"A man walked into the afterdeck, shining a flashlight as he went. Fisher could clearly see the outline of a gun in his other hand. KSC/Ingram Mac-11 submachine gun, he thought, recalling the stats. Firing rate, twenty rds per second, standard mag holds 48. The MAC-11 was not the most accurate of weapons, but what it lacked in precision was balanced by sheer firepower." Blah, Blah Blah.
( now I can throw the damn book away)

So, he could see that the guy had a airsoft gun? and he was worried?
A real Mac-11 was built in .380 cal, with a 16 or 32 rd mag. they fired between 900-1200 rpm, so at least he got that right. 
They were produced by
                                       Military Armament Corporation and designed by Gorden Ingram.
KSC, as we all know, is a Airsoft company.
This guy's gun research must have consisted of just a Google search, with out clicking thru to even look at the pages!
We have a local reporter in my town named  Mac Ingraham, I wonder if his dad liked guns???

Very, very sad. I guess when you pick up one of these boilerplate written books, you get what you get.
Not all writers can be Stephen Hunter or Larry Correia.

This is a shameless plug for Larrys book, 
Monster Hunter International, you can get it on Amazon.
Great book, I read it in one night and am hungering  for more.

Now, until tomorrow, stay thirsty my friends!

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