Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Airsoft AK, my way

I know if I posted pictures up that some readers of this blog would go into a fit and swallow their tongue or something.

So, in deference to those with a weak constitution when it comes to a "non factory" AK. I am going to give you an Out before you sear your eyes

WARNING, these pictures may cause loss of potency, brain aneurysms and your property taxes to go up if you are an AK Purest. 

You have been warned,
I disinvest any responsibility for your reaction. 

Started life as a CYMA CWP  AK,

Madbul Sopmod extendable stock added

FoxFury Hammerhead Turbo strobe in a Element mount, heads up red dot

PWS flash hider 

On my local forums I got this response,
                    " Mkail Kalishnikov weeps at that blasphemous AK."

(He posted a pic of a bone stock AK, that I will not insult your eyes with.)
Looks pretty sick huh? 

My Response,
Sick is a good word for it, as in terminal.
Mr Kalashnikov was , much like Bo Donaldson and the Haywood's, a "one hit wonder".
I trade trucks every four or five years because of a little thing called progress.
The AK was a great design for ignorant farm workers pressed into service.
Now, that being said, John Browning was sent by God himself to give us his blessings.

So endeth the sermon today, my unschooled children,
brought to you by the church of the anti-AK.

Go forth now and be fruitful.

Remember Buy smart, buy S-mart

Now 4 pages later I had to add this,

Jul 2009the average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow

Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour

hopefully you can use this data to find out the airspeed of the LADEN swallow..."

"God bless Al Gore for inventing the internet. a font of useless data

(Not that I am disparaging Monty Python, perish the thought, now those guy were geniuses.)

When the truth comes out, you will find that mike was just a guy who the NKVD gave a design to that they had found in some German trash can,
I understand that in airsoft, they are all the same, I am just not a fan of the ergonomics of the AK.
In RS, I want a gun that weighs 2 lbs, will not run out of ammo, ever, and carries itself until I need it, until the day that one is made, they all have their limitations..

I know, lets have a spelling contest!

For my next post I am going to say bad things about Chris Costa's dog."

And so it begins,,,,,,,,and keeps going and going

Only thing an AK is really good for, digging weeds!!!!!

Stay thirsty my friends.
See you tomorrow

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