Friday, April 30, 2010

I ordered new guns from Aisa and they sent me this

At my age, what the hell am I going to do with this? Now I have to feed it until I get an RA number. I hate when they mispack stuff

Just some random thoughts that have come into my head while mowing the grass today.
Why do you have to mow grass, can't our genius scientists come up with a grass that only grows 4 inches, they breed horses that are only a foot tall.
I believe it's a conspiracy with the people at Toro, the same people that can't build a mower that last more than two seasons.

What is it with red shirts? They never get to last until the end of the show.

Good rule of thumb

I want to give a big shout out ( what the hell is a shout out? My mother used to shout out, she would come out the front door at supper time and scream "TIMMY". You could hear her voice 10 damn blocks away. No one had a cell phone, hell, I never called my friends on the phone, you just went over to their house and knocked. their mom (who was always home) would tell you if they could play or not, I was in the mall last week and thought I heard my phone ringing, I dug around for it then looked over at some 6 year old kid pull his out, What in the hell do you have to talk about on the phone at 6, that you just made a poopy? Wait a minute, where was I..............Oh ya)
to the guys reading from the Snow Storm company in Austin TX, Thanks for reading this crap. 
Here's a hint, if you take our little Thai friend out to a game, watch him close.
He is prone to screaming out his name and running into situations where angels fear to tread.
I am just saying.

After he pulls that move, listen for this

Sounds like something he would do, don't it?
To find out the history of the scream
click here

Why didn't they have a S&W M76 in I am Legend? I thought the movie was crap compared to Omega Man but if they had at least had a 76 or BAR in it, I would watch it again.
If you have not seen Omega Man, watch it, if you have seen it, watch it again,
Chucks movie was so much better than Will's.

Did you ever get ready for a game,
and just can't decide what M4 would be right for that particular game?
I have that problem all the time,
but as you can see above,
I found a way to fix it.

You have to say it with a Scottish accent to get the joke.

I will be going dark for a few days on Pic's as I replace my PC,
have to use the laptop for a while and my stash of images that I have ripped off from around the
World Wide thingy is unavailable. 
But never fear, I will post up some crap that has nothing to do with airsoft in the mean time.
Until then, stay thirsty my friends,

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Speaking of thoughts while mowing grass...Whoever it was that said "Mowing grass is good for you because it builds character" probably lived in a condo!!