Friday, April 30, 2010

An Idea, to make your Games go faster

YOU WILL OBEY THE MEDS ( minimum engagement distances) 

So, I was in the shower and had an Idea,"how can I make the sign-up and crono go faster and smoother at my local Game".

My thought was to take business size cards, print on them the field name, a number 1-500 and the statement "If lost, replacement card fee $1.00". It's best that they should get laminated also.
(A neck lanyard would be great too, they get all sweaty in the pocket and when you have 20 pockets on your 
"high speed, low drag" gear, you forget what one its in )

When a player signs up on the sheet, he is given the card that matches his sign in number line. He then goes back to the parking lot, piddles around in his trunk, shows off his new Hello Kitty camo, walks around with his new gun on a sling so everyone notices it and then makes his way over to the crono station. Now he waits in line and gets to the crono and hands over his card to the dude that runs the thing. After pulling the trigger 10 times he realizes he forgot his battery, he is given his card back and he heads back to the car. Back in line, gets back up to crono he hands in his card again and forgot his mag. Someone behind him in line loans him a mag and he shoots , (215FPS)  Now because he did turn in his card he gets a Zip tye on his gun that is the color of the weekend for guns under field limits 

If he shot over then a different color would be used and he would be informed of his MEDS.
As you exit the crono station, it would be great if you had a line painted on the grass and  orange poles set at 50 feet, 100 ft and 150ft so that he has a visual grounding on what his MED is if he shot over field limits.

After the big rush, you look for what card numbers have not been turned in yet, match it to the sign in sheet and announce the names of the players and tell them to go to crono.
After all have been thru, then just stand at the insert entrance to the field to make sure all have zip tyes.

This way, you know all have paid, cronoed and most importantly for the field owner, signed a waiver.

I am not PC and sign in 7 was my idea.

Now, if you have been doing this at your field for years then you suck, 
you should have shared it before now and not made me tax my pea brain to come up with this.
shame on you!

I think that's a little hotter than 400 FPS and where do I put the damn zip tye

See you tomorrow

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