Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is an Airsofter?

Kinnda like paintball masks, with less vision

The internal question has arose, What is an Airsofter?
I need your input here, I think that there are many facets of airsoft, just as there are in the real firearms world.
I know in the beginning in the US, back when I started in the mid 80's airsoft guns were just toys.
Most people thought of them as either low powered airguns that looked somewhat cool or as a 
"look what I got" unit to impress there buddies. 

It has grown so much more from that in the past years.
I will keep updating this post as my thought process matures throughout the week.
Right now all I am thinking about is tomorrow,  the day the Govt strips and rapes my bank account like they do every year.
Stay tuned for updates, rants and general wandering mind thoughts that trickle out thru the week.

Today is a good day to drink, say hello to my little captain!

[ Young or old, but skews towards young, tends to use high caps or box mags,
spray and pray the order of the day,never takes the selector switch off full, Run and gun is their motto,not worried about getting the kit right, any old camo will do, likely be big into COD or HALO] 
Real mil
[Middle of the road, mid-caps only, might mix kit but uniform will be at least RAID style,upgraded gun,will uses semi-auto setting most,Probably a video gamer and have watched Blackhawk down a few times]
New one, LARPsofter
[Goes to games, but never plays (me),likes to BS before the game (me), 
helps with admin (me), Too old, fat or has to many old injury's to run and gun (me)
Likes to show off newest gun, but wont field it (me)]

Non Players
Backyard shooters for fun
Shooters that use airsoft to train for RS
Just all around gun nuts that have to have everything.

What am I missing?

If I have offended anyone in my posting, please click here.


  1. I want to see how you define each of those categories. THAT would be the real task...put some walls on these boxes! T...OUT

  2. Thanks for the prodding, started it now, but I have to take a break and go watch "Kick-Ass" at the theater, will expand on it tonight. old brains only work for so long