Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Pilgrimage to Airsoft Outlet Northwest

Any business that has a shop dog is A1 in my book, wish I had caught his name!

I was in the Portland OR area for the first time in my 49 years on this earth for a job interview
( keep you fingers crossed for me).
I had an afternoon to kill, let's see, I could go see Mt Hood, any of at least 6 knife companies or go to the Columbia factory outlet?
Hell no, I was going to see the shop that has been in the airsoft news so much these past weeks, 
Airsoft Outlet NW.

I must admit that I had some trepidation for making the drive. I have visited six "major" airsoft shops in the US, only one of them had met what I like to call my "standards".
After fighting my GPS ( I did not update my maps for the left coast) and navigating some one way streets
( the wrong way) I pulled into the home of AONW and Martin Glass.

I was greeted with a hearty hello from the man behind the counter, that is always a good sign. I explained that I could not buy anything as I was flying light, but that did not seem to reduce the customer service one iota.

I saw a well lighted, very well organized store that puts 90% of the real steel gun shops in the US to shame. 

A huge amount of stock graced the walls and shelves, no dust and clean glass counters
( well they were, until I drooled on the KWA CZ75 I was coveting ).

A wall of rifles ran down the left side
Again, nicely lit and tagged.

KWA handgun inventory was top notch

Along with WE and SOCOM

Great shopping area for Condor gear, plenty to chose from.

BDU's, helmets, pads, you could outfit a small Marine brigade  from this back section of the store.

And, Can you say parts?

I spent over an hour talking about airsoft, I also watched how customers were treated when they came in. That is a big thing in my book, customer service. 
I watched a lady that who I think had no clue what she wanted come in to buy a gift, she was helped promptly and shown some options and left with a Mollie vest in a bag and a smile.
I could go on and on about how impressed I was with this store, but I don't want to sound like a shill, 
go and see for yourself , it is will worth a trip if you are anywhere close by.

In conclusion, Well stocked, clean, friendly and knowledgeable staff 
( without the "your an old man, what do you care or know about airsoft"
attitude that I have found at other stores) 

Airsoft Outlet Northwest gets the first 100% Award from
No Airsoft for Old Men.
( I know, it's does not mean spit, but come on, makes me feel good)

Go see them, if they are too far away, visit their website at
I hope to be back at the store many times,
(again Fingers crossed y'all), 
but if I don't get the job, I will still make the trek to the store if I am anywhere within 200 or so miles!
It's that good.

Store address is
1900 Baseline St, Cornelius Oregon, 97113

If your not up to speed on the Fight these people are going through for our airsoft rights,
please read this article and support Airsoft Outlet NW any way you can.

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