Monday, April 26, 2010

Just found this new event, I am stoked


Just found out about this, I have been a fan of the Moundsville prison for years now. 
They put on the Mock Riot each year for the corrections community,I have shot many an airsoft BB's there,
( and it is a awesome facility.
I have had the opportunity to attend the Riot the past 4 years and have wanted to put on an airsoft game there myself.
I did not have the funds to do it right, 
so I am very happy to see someone better than I has stepped up to the plate.

Exhibit hall at Moundsville
I hope to get some info next week to share with you on this event, but for now, mark your calenders for what looks like a hell of a time.
The Wagon Gate, they used to hang prisoners from a trapdoor inside this building, very creepy
That's my old truck,This pic was taken in 2005, that razor wire looks mean!

I will keep you updated as I hear anything.

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