Friday, April 16, 2010

Were the heck are the stinking reviews you promised.

View of the inside of the NAFOM ready room

I know I have promised time and again that I would have some reviews up.
Here is why I dont. 
I have been waiting for a trigger pull gauge that I won on Ebay, but have never received.
I have realised that I could just do the reviews and go back and update them when I get the money again for a trigger pull gauge.
I also want to do a good job, if I am gonna do it, it might as well be right.
On that note I am trying to do reviews like they should be done, that is, more than one gun bought from different retailers. I think this is the proper way to do a review. If you do just one, it could be good or bad, if you have more than one I feel it gives it a better chance to let you know how they really work out.
I now have a few built up so I can go forward.
I have bought most of the guns I review myself, this on top of the fact that I have not had a job in 15 months now ( if any of you had you fingers crossed for me on that interview I mention in a earlier post, thank you so much, I did not get picked, but thanks for the effort) .
So you can see funds are tight., but I will try and do a good job for you.
I have received some guns to review from X-caliber Tactical. The SVD in a early review was from them. I will tell you in the review if the gun is provided to me and who it's from. 
I will print my exact findings, good or bad, I refuse to sugarcoat a review.
I would not want someone to buy a item because I lied in a review, I wont do it.
If you have a item or gun you would like a review on, contact me. As long as you understand how I work.

I have bought 4 Tokyo Marui Detonics for my next review, two silver, two black. I have managed to misplace one of the silver one's, so I guess I will do the review on three of them.
Thanks go out to everyone that reads this stupid blog,
sometimes the only high point in the day is seeing my reader count go up.

See you tomorrow.

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