Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trade Dress and airsoft, again

If they would hurry up and get here, then all this trade dress stuff would be moot

The rumors are at it again, now it's FN that is going after airsoft.
I know for a fact that H&Kock has filed lawsuits.

I can not find anywhere that Glock has filed lawsuits.
( here, I was wrong, I just found this
It names Glock, H&K and Walther as suing parties.
This one 
Names H&K, Walther and Umarex as Plaintiffs )
I do not see where any of these cases have been settled yet,
Of course I am not a lawyer, your mileage my vary.

I will ask next week if I can get a "factory" statement as to FN's stance on this issue.

I understand why this is happening, but have stated my reasons before as to why it could be a mistake for manufactures.

Too many people take "what they heard from a rep" or something that was mentioned from someone who "knows a guy" to be fact.
It's like asking a street cop about guns, just because he carries one he is more than likely not an "expert"

I myself am far from an expert on anything, except being old, but I do have the benefit from knowing people that can sometimes get me the straight scoop. Now, will they want to go "on record" or not, I don't know. But let's give it a shot.

Until then, stay thirsty my friends
(This message brought to you by the most uninteresting man in the world)

That is the last time I listen to those guys on the forum as to what uniform color to wear to the game!

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  1. You forgot to include the part where H&K's lawyer says "We're H&K and you're not!!!! If you were a REAL warrior, you would understand why we do this!! We hate you!!!"