Friday, June 11, 2010

On a search, for the "ULTIMATE" UPDATE

My "crack" test team ready for duty

The journey begins here

Well, I got in some of my test pants and so far I am pleased.
Now that I have all I want, I will share the info with my loyal readers
( and any other random person who drops by)
I picked up two pair of the 
Tourniquet Tactical Pants
For the princely sum of 14.99 each
They seem to be well made. They are heavy because of the tourniquet system in them.
I think I am just going to remove the hardware as I see very few times I will be in harms way and need the ability to cut off the blood flow to my extremities .
But for the price, they seem great. Nice pocket placement, fit seems good and they are reinforced at all the proper places.
I have ordered 4 more pair.
I also got this
I got one in and ordered 4 more.
They are very heavy shirts. I also noticed that the wrist is very tight when buttoned and I have little girly wrists.
Nothing moving the button wont cure though.
I do not like them as much as my long sleeve 5.11's, but, for the price, what are you gonna do!
A pair of these were also ordered
If you live in cold areas, or have to do work or trade show in those areas, do you self a favor and get some of these.
In the winter around here at the compound at Skull Island NC, I live in Wrangler fleece lined jeans, so to be able to wear
"tac pants" and still have a toasty butt is a dream come true.
I bought 3 more pair.
I added a pair of these to my order
I have not ordered any more of these yet, they are very light weight and fit well, but I want to try them out and see how they hold up before I pass judgment and get any more.
Shipping was about a week coast to coast, yes I did pay my own hard earned money for these,
this is not a paid for review.
Coupon code to save 14.99 on a order over 100.00,
if your buying tactical pants 
  if not I think it gives you a free pair of their tac pants.
This was good this week 6/7/2010, I do not know how long it is good for.
I have not dealt with LA Police Gear in the past, but so far two orders have been done with no hassle,
I like that.
I plan on continuing my quest and will keep you updated on my findings

Until Tomorrow,
Stay Thirsty my Friends.

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