Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The 100 Yard Challenge.

Never let your coyote get near your rifle, never. 
The 100 Yard Challenge.
 The topic has come up on the local NC boards of the 100 yard Airsoft gun.
I believe this is akin to the Flying Dutchman, Bigfoot and the hooker with the heart of gold, a nice story, but just not real.
So now it's time to go all mythbusters on this fable.
I have constructed a man sized (6ft by 2 ft) 
target made of brake metal in a stand up frame.
I have a chronograph and a distance measuring wheel.
I just need the parameters. 
My thoughts are 
6 out of 10 shots on target ( anywhere)
No Wind
From a rest
( this is airsoft, not airgun shooting) 
Spherical Plastic bb's of 6 or 8mm only, any weight. 

FPS LIMIT? 500? 

I will put out the call for any contenders 
to fish, or cut bait.

I will take this setup to our local game, and hopefully to the Airsoft expo up in Moundsville WV in Sept.

It is now time to either lay this old wives tale to rest, 
or crown a King of the airsoft snipers. 
The King of all men, Bruce says hail
What do you get if you can prove this is a doable challenge?
Same as you get when you win a airsoft game, SQUAT!

If you can do it, you will be immortalized forever on the internet.
If it can't be done, then we can shitcan these conversations
and go back to discussing how fluoride in the water is rotting are brains 
and the Tri-lateral Commission rules the world.

Let the Games begin!!!!!!

I will keep you updated,
Until tomorrow
Stay Thirsty my Friends. 

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