Saturday, June 5, 2010

Looks like it is official, a WA/JG GBB M-4 is now a firearm

I hate it, but it looks like it came true

What does this mean to owners of these airsoft toys. 
It means you have a unlicensed firearm in your possession.
(I think, I am not a lawyer)
I will try and call ATF on Monday and get an answer.
I was worried this would happen, that is why I never bought one at the start.

From the past posting, in case you are to lazy to scroll down
No funnys attached to this post, sorry, I cant think of anything that would make this amusing at all.
See you tomorrow
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  1. damn, how does an airsoft gun meet the definition of a firearm?

  2. Wtf man? Its not even capable of inflicting a wound other than a welt and from what I hear the range sucks too. You won't be taking five or six maybe seven hundred meter shots with an airsoft riifle. Silly liberals

  3. Well, they were able to turn it into a real gun pretty easily. If dimensions were changed so that it couldn't be converted I imagine it would be legal? As much as I hate the ATF, I think this makes some sense.

  4. Try filing a claim with them mentioning that significant modification to the receiver was done to the replica to force it to actually fire a bullet. They needed a real firing pin, upper receiver, buffer tube, and hammer to make it fire properly. It you need to have that much stuff I wouldn't consider it real :\

  5. yes, they could change it into a real AR-15, but you would only get one shot out of it. the pressure is too great for an airsoft gun to handle even if you did get an upper, barrel and bolt/hammer assembly.

  6. "So we've determined it's a firearm because we modified it and stuck AN ACTUAL M16 UPPER on it."

    Wait... what?

  7. It's listed as a firearm because only the lower is serialized and registered, with the WA m4, yes you have to modify the rest of the gun, but the lower receiver is from an airsoft gun and is not serialized or registered as a firearm. It makes sense, but regulations need to change.

  8. They did alot more than just stick an upper on it. They completely retrofitted a trigger group, buffer assembly, and hammer with off the shelf AR parts. Because it shares dimensions that would require a knowledgeable gunsmith an hour of modification to MAKE it work for a few shots. At the same time, a person could also machine a lower reciever and assemble an M4.

  9. So.....if I put the plastic grip from my AK onto a real AK47, then by their logic my gun can easily be converted to a real AK? I just have to go buy most all of a real AK and I'll be a criminal juvenile in no time.....

  10. That's so untrue. If you did that the gun wouldn't be able to withstand the force and power of the bullet leaving the chamber.
    This is just not possible.