Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stuff I found at SHOT show.

 Texas sunset, it might be burning toxic waste in the sky, but it sure were purrty

 Made by a company called TUFF Products out of Chula Vista CA.
It is 100% American made out of 1000 denier cordura.
Built to hold 8, that's right, 8 single stack mags.
It's made for the real steel market, but because I am a severe gear whore I had to have one for airsoft.
The top flap is removable. I like that feature so that you can use it with the flap in the field and then take it off for faster access if you go into a CQB environment.
Mags fit tight, but they come out quickly with a slight tug.
On the back you will find both Mollie straps and also belt straps if you are going with a light load out.
All the edges are bound, you find this on the best made nylon gear.
The stitching is very well done, not like most of the China gear you see around.
Not much else to say, It is well made, it's the only pouch I have found that holds 8 mags and its made in the US of A
Price is 49.00 on the Tuff Products website, for a made in the US product that's a fair price.

They also make a 5 mag pouch for you newfangled double stack folks.
If you like good gear, this is it.
Go visit them at
Tell them No Airsoft for Old Men sent ya. If you can remember, I can't, what was I saying?
Now I need to buy more mags to fill it up, Like I need a reason to buy more stuff!
You can never be too rich, to good looking or have enough mags, I will never get the first two covered, so I might as well get the last one.

I will post some other odds and ends I picked up at the show, I did not get much this year, stuck in the darn booth working, I tell you, there is no respect for old guys anymore.

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