Friday, March 12, 2010

AAR for the EXPO

Never mix up your airsoft gear with your work uniform, 
it confuses people.

The 1st ever North Atlantic Airsoft Expo is now almost a week gone into history. 
Everyone seemed to have a great time.
I do not have the definitive attendance numbers, but it should have been in the 5-600 range.
The vendors I spoke with were all well pleased and are planning to be there next year.

Your help in getting them back is easy.
Send an e-mail thanking the one's that were there and email the guys you want to see next year.
It is VERY rare as a vendor that you get a thank you, just a few that can be taken to the boss will go a long way in showing that it is cost effective for the vendors to be there.

Check out Thumpys blog for some great vid's he is posting up from the show
 Now I have to start on some reviews, I am old and lazy and this means I gotta work, I wish my daughter lived closer, I need some one to rake the yard and shoot guns for me.
Isn't that what you have kids for? 
Alright, I got to go and yell at the neighbor kids for playing their rock and roll music too loud!
Stay tuned for the reviews. 

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