Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some more pic's from the SHOT show

No matter how much I bitch, the show was a blast

Just wanted to add some more pic's from the show.
Nothing great, there are a lot of other sites with better ones, but hey, it's my damn blog!
Had to update the "Tim,,, the Enchanter" look 
Brought it into a more Tactical mode.
Yes, those are Dall sheep horns
Crossbow glasses supplied by ESS, the preferred goggles and eye pro of No Airsoft for old men.
Thanks to Jerry for all is inventive fab work and Sam for driving to the nether region of TX to pick up the horns, next time I will remind him to fill up the truck with gas though

The PP RGS 2, yes I know I look like a famous movie star in his seminal role, get over it.
Now that I look at the pic again, I think I might have been on painkillers, that's a stupid grin on my face

The Booth crew, Jerry, our resident Rocket Scientist and designated booth babe, The old man and a random Thai feller that was walking by.

We were smiling, I think this was before the show started.
That's all for now, need to make a sandwich and take a nap after this hard work posting.

Stay off my lawn, you wippersnappers

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