Saturday, March 6, 2010

NAAExpo Day Two!

Alright, it's 11:00 pm and I am just getting home, what a day.
Great attendance and lots of great people today.
The costume contest had a large turnout, with some super loadouts.
Just left the vendor banquet, we had a wonderful southern style meal, drinks and a very funny comedian that the expo provided for entertainment.
Let me tell you, from a old ,jaded, been to a thousand shows in my life standpoint,
THIS SHOW WAS Awesome for the attendees and the vendors.
It might have been small, and not a lot of vendors, but they treated us right.
I was at the front door and asked a guy what he thought of the show. 
He pulled out 3200.00 (in Cash) from his pocket and told me he just cashed his tax check and wanted to spend it all on airsoft, knives and gear, there just wasn't enough to buy! I WAS FLOORED.
If you miss this one next year, you will miss a lot.
Some pic's then I need to rack, too long a day for an old man.

Blackstone airsoft out of VA
Super great guys, if your any where near this field, you have got to play here.

This is how the aisles look 90% of the day, Jammed packed.
They had X boxes set up so if you wanted a break, you could sit and play.
82ed and Fluke (as always) took it to the extreme! Geared up and ready to go

  More shots of the crowd, this was about 2 or so in the afternoon.

Extreme Airsoft brought their beautiful extreme ladies, and a huge snake, this was as close as I would get for the picture, sorry. Their booth was packed all day.
Only in High Point NC will you find
Star Trek hookers, beam me up!

Some of the load-out contest participants.

From the vendors banquet, in the wonderful High Point Theater.

Best dressed Future airsofter award goes to,,,,,,,

Henry Hutton
2 months old and already in camo!
Drew, my man, you did good.

Off to bed now, I am crossed eyed and knee walking tired.
More tomorrow from the day 3.

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  1. Yea those are some sharp over all he's got on there hahahaha