Friday, March 5, 2010

The North Atlantic Airsoft Expo 2010 Setup Day

Well the day has arrived for the 1st ever NAAE
Set up was today, about half the vendors chose to set up now, the rest tomorrow morning.
I like to be the 1st in and the last out, but Fed-X conspired against me and made me a little late.
That being said, except for no way to attach the back wall, all went well.
Look forward to a great day tomorrow, even though the show runs 10-8pm!
Got to love retail shows.
More tomorrow night
ESS goggles, damn that is a good looking booth

Pantac Gear

A Random tank that just wandered in.

Tactical Duostocks display
It will look better tomorrow with the guns on the table.

Lobby of the Showplace.
If you are looking for a venue for any type show, this is the place.
Large, Clean, great facilitates and a wonderful, helpful staff.
I have never been in a nicer venue.
As you might know from my other blog, I bitch and moan a lot about shows, for the 1st time, 
I am speechless. 
It's that good.

See you tomorrow.

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