Sunday, March 7, 2010

NAAExpo day three

The show is over and I am beat!
Hours and hours of standing on carpeted concrete floors takes it's toll on an old mans legs and back.

The show today was slower, with a lot of people at the game , but we were still seeing new people all day.
The CA 249 was given away along with a AEG and a high end GBB.
It was fun to see some youngsters wining the "battle buddy's" pistols today.
The Strafer demo I put on had people running from the lobby to see what was being shot

No pic's tonight as I am typing while asleep.

After action report tomorrow.
One last big huge thank you to Halo and Too Long and all the staff for a fantastic show.
And another thank you to the 500 or so customers that came by the booth, you were great too.
See yall after I sleep for a day or so!

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