Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 1 NAAExpo

They day started out great and got better as it went on
Big Boy Toys, is the 1st thing you see when you walk in the door, I think Jack did well today as I saw people throughout the day walking around with their new guns. He brought a great selection of everything from Guns to gear. 

On Target airsoft was set up across from me and had a good flow of traffic thru the day.
Project Homefront was also here, what great work these guys do. They are running a raffle that has different Prizes all day and on Sunday will give away a GBB and a AEG, I have my fingers crossed that I have the winning ticket.

 TF 16 has a booth for their team, lots of staff and even flashing disco lights.
Good job.
Z Shot is here with a sample of the new ARES lineup
They are now the ARES National Distributor

The New PPsh41
not my cup of tea but felt well built, good heft and exterior quality was top notch.

More Ares guns, you need more info, just ask.

Systema was also showing their High end rifles.
As everyone knows, these are the pinnacle of M4's 

The day went well, I talked with people from New York, Va, Tampa FL, NJ, GA and Tenn. It was not a big crowd today but a nice steady flow.
There were seminars, giveaways and a quick draw contest. 
( I didn't win, so they must have had it rigged, LOL) 
Tomorrow will be busy with lots going on, so I am off to slumber, as I am old.
More to come tomorrow.

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