Monday, March 29, 2010

NJ Bill to classify Airsoft as a firearm
Thanks Homer, from the NC Airsoft forums for the link

Airsoft guns are already restricted in NJ, we have done training evolutions with a navy unit up there in the past and it is always a nightmare traveling up with the training guns and gear.
If you read the bill, it is a clarification, most areas up there already treat them as firearms,
What I take umbrage to is the fact that they are making a law that makes something that's not a "firearm" into a firearm
An airgun is a airgun, as long as it uses air for propulsion. To me it is like making a law about dogs, then adding cats to the law and calling them dogs because they have four legs and a tail.
Read further and you will find the definition of a machine gun, so full auto airsoft would now be a machine gun with all the legal fines and restrictions?
This is the definition of the "slippery slope"
Will it pass, more than likely, NJ is another world, much like most places on the left coast.

Update from TJ on the NJ airsoft forums,
This seems to be one of those bills that pop up every year at most state and federal level house's on real steel firearms, some legislatures idea of what needs to be addressed and by GOD he is going to address it.

11/08/2007 as bill S2852, Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Law and Public Safety and Veterans' Affairs Committee

01/08/2008 as bill S715, Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Law and Public Safety and Veterans' Affairs Committee

01/12/2010 as bill S454, Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Law and Public Safety Committee

BUT, just because it did not make it out of committee in 2008, it now sits like a vulture on a tree limb, waiting until it can be put through.
Let's hope the Idiot that keeps bringing this up loses the next election and this just languishes in committee like it did in 07 and 08.
We need to be vigilant and watch to see where this goes, not have it just pop up like the Arkansas law banning the sale of imitation firearms did.
( I am heading to Arkansas sometime next month to get the real low down on what the law truly says, my attorney and I read it one way, but it seems like all the 14 year old "lawyers" on the web read it another.)

Please don't read this post as fear mongering, I have been involved in the process of fighting for our firearms rights in the US for a lot of years, have testified for committees and sat down with the lawyers suing the gun industry in the past. I know how easy it is to lose your ability to own something you like overnight or watch hundreds of people lose their jobs over lawsuits and bs.


  1. This is not new, this bill has been kicking around for about five years.

    For info on what you can do to help.

  2. there was a run on real steels now on airsoft? You poor Jersey guys always have my support (Pennsylvanian)When will they stop?

  3. I testified at a Committee hearing in Trenton the first time this came up years ago. There is no way they can change the US Code that classifies airsoft replicas as TOYS. But they will keep trying.